Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
5 Chapter Four
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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5 Chapter Four

My eyes gazed at the marvelous sight of the glittering castle of Auradon. A foreign feeling settled in my chest as I reminisced the memories of my previous home and my parents. I've never actually had any friends since I've never been much to any gatherings. I prefer myself alone. The hallways of Auradon Prep lingered in my eyes, remembering how I used to run with Carlos, the only person I can stand, after we've done trouble. Tears fell down on my face as the void in my chest grew larger every day I've stay here. The sea were crashing down the shoreline barely touching my feet, it sung through the night as the wind brushed through me gently making me closed my eyes in a blissful silence when a crunching sound destroyed the tranquility of the ocean.

"What do we have 'ere?" a familiar voice spoke from behind me as I erased the traces of tears in my face. I rolled my eyes in frustration as I turn to looked at Harry's familiar form. The man never stopped in annoying me.

"I never knew you to be a stalker, pirate" I said sarcastically as he approached me menacingly.

"Aye mate! You've never known me long, princess" He stated frankly letting out a cackle while he twirled my black hair in his hand. My heart skipped a beat at the nickname as his crystallize eyes gaze through mine with a hint of mischief swirling around his irises. His lips parted as he observed me while my heart is hammering inside my chest threatening to burst in a million pieces at his proximity.

"What are you doing here, Harry? Shouldn't you be running errands for Uma?" I spat out her name as Harry narrowed his eyes into slits. My hand wrapped around his wrist when his arm wandered closely in my chest. He looked at me in surprise before twisting my body. My back pressed in his chest and my arms locked behind me, I can feel his breath in my ear as he spoke creating a fiery heat travelling down my spine.

"Are you jealous, princess?"

I elbowed his gut harshly making him double-over before I kicked his chest sending him sprawled on the sand. He let out a cackle as I pinned him underneath me, his eyes glinting crazily and his lips were formed in a malicious smirk.

"Keep dreaming about that, pirate" I snarled in his face shoving him back down before standing up and leaving him lying down on the floor. A series of laughter escaped his lips as I continued to walk down the beach alone.

"That'll be lovely, princess" he shouted at me as I submerged underneath the sea, leaving the pirate clad in crimson leather jacket behind.

~Next Morning~

I was walking down a dark alleyway, the sun were constricted by the banisters hanging on the wall of the building. A basket slung in my arm and a crimson cloak were wrapped around my body, obstructing me from sight. I went to turn in another alley ignoring the drunken sleaze sleeping upside down his chair as I observe a small girl sitting down the corner, shivering in cold.

I approached the girl slowly watching her eyes widened in fear as she pushed herself up in the wall behind her, clutching her small body together, she huddled beside a stinking trash trying to be invisible from me.

"I won't harm you, I promise" I said softly but the girl continued to huddle together in panic. Her bright blue eyes showing innocence as they widen frantically looking for an exit. I crouched down in front of her, my hand moved upward towards my hood making the girl flinched in despair as I revealed myself to her. The girl closed her eyes whimpering in fear as I surveyed her frail body with my heart constricting painfully in my chest. A lump forming in my throat as I eyed the large bruises in her upper limbs while small gashes were evident in her legs, blood oozing from her cuts.

This is inhumane.

I went to touched her arm whispering a spell:

"With the power of the sea

I command thee magic

Let thy be healed"

A small glow appeared on the girl's body. Her eyes abruptly open shrieking in surprise and a hint of fear as she watched the golden hue enveloped her being. She tried to remove my hand on her arm, flailing and struggling frantically.

"Shh, I won't hurt you, please. See?" the girl stopped squirming underneath me watching the bruises in her limbs disappear with shock. Her eyes traveled towards mine in surprise, gratitude swirling in her azure eyes as a soft smile painted in my lips. I went to remove my crimson cloak and wrapped it around her shivering form before giving her a piece of bread from my basket. She grasped the bread tightly, her hands filled with dirt as she munched down the food. I stood up readying myself to leave when a small hand gripped my arm.

"Thank you" the girl stated softly making me smile as I went to leave, nodding my head at her one last time.

Rounding a corner, the wind blew my blackened hair as I continued to glide down the alleyway when a sudden shout resounded in the darkened way. My head snapped towards the right, eyes narrowing in slits as the people of the Isle walked hastily from the vicinity. I brushed a drunk man and a lady shoving them aside as the commotion came into view making my eyes widen.

Right in front of me, a man of my age were being held down by a large brute as he rammed down his fist into his face. Anger course in my vein as I watched the man spat out blood, his noise bleeding while his hand shot up trying to cover himself. The people of the Isle stood by the side surveying the violence in front of them, no one dared to save the man in fear.

"Hey! Why don't you pick someone your own size?"

The brute stopped suddenly as the crowd turned their heads towards me. Whispers flew throughout the men as I entered the large circle while the brute stood up and the man on the ground looked at me with wide eyes. I ignored the whispering as the man turned to looked at me, his height towered over my form as I placed my basket on the ground before looking at him squarely.

"Why don't you run along, Missy? Don't want your nails breaking, aren't we boys?"

Loud laughter rang on the crowd, the man on the ground laughing as well before I shot him a death glare making him sobered up.

"Why? Are you scared of a girl, mister?" I questioned him mockingly earning a few chuckles as the brute heaved a deep breath in anger. His large arms clenching in a tight fist, eyes giving me a death glare as I smirked at him, my eyes changing in a golden hue.


The man snarled at me in rage before running towards me. He went to lunged at me, his fist ready to throw a punch in me when I side-stepped him sending him tumbling on the ground. I pinned him down before delivering a powerful punch in his face. A massive force exploded on my fist as a large gust of wind blew around sending the onlookers down on the pavement. I went to stand beside the unconscious brute observing as the people of the Isle stand up and watched with frightened eyes. I grabbed the untouched basket on the ground before walking out of the circle. The crowd parted quickly as they gaze in wonder and fear following my figure until I rounded a corner.


I turned to looked at the man I've saved. He limped towards me wincing in pain as I waited for him to reach me.

"My name is Gil, son of Gaston, you?"

"I'm Erina. Pirate, huh?" I asked gesturing towards his hat and sword. He nodded his head enthusiastically as I looked at him weirdly when he winced due to his excessive movement.

"Where's your captain? Surely, she'll do something" I stated as I continued walking, rounding on a corner. I can hear him cursing in pain as he followed me.

"Uma, wasn't really that type. She like to keep from herself and Harry-ouch-!" he screamed in pain crumbling on the cold pavement making me stop. His face scrunched in pain as I eyed his bruises ignoring the haunting name, the cut on his lip were larger and his cheek were swollen red and throbbing. He have his arms crossed on his stomach as I touched his face.

"Let's get you somewhere" I stated before hauling his arm on my shoulder and dragged him in the direction of the beach.


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