Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
6 Chapter Five
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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6 Chapter Five

"Ouch!" Gil cried out as I placed my palm on his stomach.

"Quiet" I hissed at him surveying the bruise which were turning purple every second, my eyes glowing in a golden hue as I whispered a spell watching as his entire body were enveloped in a white-blinding light. The wounds on his form were beginning to close-up as I turned my gaze towards Gil's widened ones. His lips were parted as he looked at his unblemished skin, the light turned in fading glow disappearing along with the bruises on his face.

"Wha-? How did you do that?"


Gil touched his body in amazement before slapping his face making me chuckle in bewilderment. He turned towards me with a large grin on his face which turned in a frown as I stood up and walked. We were inside a darkened alleyway near the beach. Rounding a corner, a hand wrapped around my wrist tightly making me turned around.

"Wait, where are you going?" Gil asked me, his face solemn as he stared in my eyes.

"Home" I replied before turning back again when his hand grabbed my shoulder blade, holding me in place.

"Wait! I-let me take you somewhere to eat. As a gratitude" he stated clearing his throat as he stand up properly. I looked at his genuine expression thinking if I should take it when he clasped my hand in his and pouted childishly.


The moon light up the sky as Gil and I walked through the suburban. The Isle were vacant of other people leaving us the only one walking in the quiet street.

"Then, Uma went outside the barrier to follow Mal and King Ben. She created a love spell to make King Ben opened the barrier and free us all. But she lost, hence why we are here" Gil babbled on, telling me how they managed to capture Ben. I looked at the grey sky wondering about Auradon and my parents.

"We just want to be free, you know?"

I looked at Gil beside me. His hands clenched in a tight fist and his face were solemn as he looked down on the ground. The light in his eyes were gone and I can feel my heart constricting in pain as I detect the anguish in his tone. I approached him slowly, my arms reaching to wrap him in an embrace feeling his muscled tense in surprise before they loosened. His arms wrapped around me gently as he sighed before I pulled out.

"You'll get out of here, someday" I said gently giving him a soft smile my arms squeezing his shoulder. He gave me a large grin in return before turning to look at the night sky. His eyes widening in alarm.

"Oh no. I need to get going or Uma will have me walking the plank" he said making me laugh. He hugged me again, my feet dangling on the air before he let me go. I went to walked towards the shoreline when his voice stopped me.

"Erina? Thank you for saving my life"

He gave me a cheeky grin before running down on the other side of the alleyway. Shaking my head, I chuckled at his childishness before walking down towards the beach. The scent of seawater filled my nostrils as I inhaled largely. My eyes closing in a bliss as I continue to walked down the alleyway, my dress flowing behind me in a gust of wind. My feet moved forward on the call of the sea feeling the sand beneath my feet when a large hand wrapped around my waist. I let out a silent scream as my eyes met the crazy glint inside the familiar crystallize eyes.


My eyes narrowed in a glare as a Cheshire grin appeared on his pale face. The moonlight shone above us illuminating his strong jaw while his eyes were bare from any eyeliner. He was hauntingly beautiful. My eyes traveled down his lips centimeters away from mine before they snapped back into his eyes when he let out a loud chuckle.

"What do you want, pirate?" I hissed at him, my eyes narrowing in slits as I struggled from his tight hold. Harry let out another chuckle pulling me closer as he inhaled my scent, his nose running down the length of my hair making a shiver run down my spine and a fiery heat appeared on a pit of my stomach.

"I want you to stay away from Gil, princess" he whispered lowly in my ear as I continued to squirm in his embrace. I stopped moving in his arms as he turned to looked at me with his crystallize eyes, a smirk forming in my lips making his eyes narrowed at me. I leaned closer to his face, my breath blowing soft gust of air in his lips as I said mockingly.

"Are you jealous, princess?"

His hold on me loosened slightly. I managed to free my arms on his hold placing it on his chest. My hands traveled on his shoulder as my eyes gazed at him with mischief. He looked at me in shock leaving him vulnerable as I pressed my chest on him leaning towards his ear I whispered softly making him shiver in return.

"Too bad, I actually like the guy"

And I was off towards the sea.


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