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I Am No Hero But I Have To Be One
Author :TheBardOfIves
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7 Blood Sec

Third Person P.O.V.

Some considered Cataclysm as tragedy while others looked at in another perspective. These others thought of this as a boon in disguise, it had rejuvenated and life on Earth had evolved to the next level. They were termed as fanatics.

Edhonia Sect was the most known, but there were other sects like it. Blood Sect was one of such groups, they believed that Cataclysm was salvation given to them by their deity Gekyin. Felix Gellen was the founder of this group and he believed that their god thought of blood as utmost importance and that was the source of the power of a Gifted.

Eun-Yeong was a proud member of the Blood Sect and had devoted his whole life for this sect. He was young, almost thirteen, but he was bold and loyal to the cause of his sect. He wanted to ensure that this ceremony was successful, for lord Gekyin would bless his people with eternal youth and limitless power.

They would use this power to take over what was rightfully theirs, as said by the Chief Gellen, the land of Oldoan Nation and then they would attack over it, for revenging all that was taken away from them, for the scorns and curses that were showered upon his sect before they were banished.

"Lalc npou eht lla yightm…" He recited the chants along with four more of his fellow members. The Chief Gellen announced him as a prodigy in the art of recitation and thus he was the youngest member of the reciting group in the sect. Other than the reciting group, the sect was distributed into two more groups – the fighting group and the council.

The fighting group consisted of members who were trained to be warrior from a young age and did all the ardours physical work of the sect like hunting, plundering and bringing sacrifices.

The council on the other was the brain of the sect and controlled every action done by it. Chief Gellen headed the council and all the members of the sect were essentially a part of the council, but the only ones who could decide anything were the elders.

Some members of the fighting group were guarding the sacrifices as the elders prepared them for the ceremony, while others were preparing for the bonfire that would be held to celebrate the blessing of lord Gekyin after the sacrificing ceremony.

Unknown to him and the other sect members, there were two intruders in their hideout.

Reth and Ally were leaning by a tree at the edge of the vast clearing that was the hideout of the Blood Sect. They were looking at the members preparing what obviously was a sacrificial ceremony, at least hinted by the altar that suddenly emerged from the stream.

"What do we do?" Ally asked as she continued to look over the altar, "They are going to sacrifice everyone."

"I don't know… what CAN we do?" Reth pressed his lips and tried to find a way to save his brother and everyone else.

"I…" Ally turned around, "I am a Gifted

Hearing this Reth's jaw dropped on the floor, "What?"

"I am a Gifted," Ally tried to explain, "You know those peop– "

"I know what a Gifted is," Reth broke her mid sentence, "I was just shocked…"

However, the more he thought about it the more it made sense, after all this must be the reason why those men were working under Ally.

"What can you do?" Reth asked regaining his composure.

"I can move inanimate, metallic things without touching them," she replied with pride evident in her voice.

"How many objects and till how far can you control them?"

"I can control any number of objects, but they must be something I have already touched once and lighter than me," she continued, "I control them anywhere in my visual field."

Ally put her hand in one of her cargo pant pockets and pulled out a bunch of pin, "I usually use these."

Reth was trying to process the information thrown at him, and after a moment, he twitched his eyes and asked, "You plan to attack some fifty men, out of which many are armed with guns, in their own hideout with PINS?"

The next second he felt something go past his left cheek and bringing his hand to his cheek, he felt a warm fluid flowing. He brought his hand in front of his eyes, his hand had smudge of blood on it.

"I could have gone for your eyes, stomach or that stupid mouth," Ally smirked.

Reth did not really feel any pain, but he knew that Ally's Gift was power even with its huge limits. Although beating a group of fifty men alone with the power Ally's Gift was impossible, Reth had a plan that just might make it work.


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