I fucked my hot teacher. Yasss
1 1 I fucked my hot teacher!? yasss
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I fucked my hot teacher. Yasss
Author :Unknown74
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1 1 I fucked my hot teacher!? yasss

Ring! the school bell rings just in time for the end of the day. " Hey Jacob! the teacher says "

I walk up to miss Rosie. I start to look at her starting from the top. her long wavy black hair, her faded red lipstick, her bare neck, her bare shoulders, I move my eyes down. wearing a tight button up dress, grey.

half of her big breasts popping out. her dress only going above her knees. And her big ass almost peeking out the bottom of the dress. And her bare legs with some black heels on.

" yes? i say " " do you have plans right now, I kinda need help " " um, no I don't, what do u need. she comes closer to me and turns with her back facing me, she bends over, letting me see a peek of her big tight ass.

she reaches for some bags. " I need help with these heavy bags. " she bends back up trying to give them to me because there too heavy. " your a strong man, I'm sure you can carry these right? she says. " she bites her lip slowly and looks me up and and down. " right. I say " I pick up the bags and she grabs her purse. she walks in front of me and moves her hips side to side obvious for me.

we get outside to her car and she can't find her keys so she bends down a little bit and looks threw her purse. when she looks down all I see is her big boobs hanging out just for my eyes to see.

she bends back up and we both here a loud quick zip. her grey dress falls down to her waist. And she seems so calm. I quickly look away not wanting to. " Oops! no worry's, you down need to look away and plus, aren't you gonna zip me back up? " uh ya, sure. "

I look back slowly and her breasts even bigger out and free, round, smooth looking at her nipples pink and hard. surprised she's not wearing a bra. she gestures to her back. I walk around her trying not to make it obvious I'm inspecting her.

I zip her up and she finds her keys and we head to her house. we make it to her big house and she parks into her drive way. I carry all the bags and she unlocks the door. I make my way in wondering what's gonna happen next.

we both walk into the kitchen and I put the bags on the table. she kicks her heels off and pulls her dress down to her waist. " finally! I have to keep them put away all day! " my dick grows hard and I try to cover it with my sweater I'm holding.

I try not to look at her boobs as she says- " you don't have to look away! and anyways you have to tell me if your satisfied with them. " I look at her boobs as my mouth starts to water and all I want to do is fuck her on that counter.

" I'm satisfied with them. " " babe you don't need to hide your cock. " she gets closer and closer. she takes my sweater away from my hands and puts it on the floor as it doesent matter right now.

" go on, feel them, squish them, make them satisfy you even more. " I'm starting to get less nervous as I reach for her breasts. first I cup my hands and feel that boob wait. " there bigger then my hands. I say " " go on do whatever you want to them... daddy. she says "

I hold one with both my hands and suck on it. she lets out a little moan. I put it away and her breast has a red mark on it but she doesent care. I kiss her cheek and she puts her hand on my face and moves it towards her lips.

she backs away and she pulls her dress down to her ankles and all she has on is a black thong. " you like this Daddy Jacob? She says "

Of course I do! " I take off my shirt and walk towards her. I grab her ass cheeks and lift her onto the island counter.

I kiss her again and again adding a little more tongue each time until she stops my tongue with her tongue and puts her wet tongue down my throat. she starts to unbutton my pants as I lick her breasts and squeeze her ass cheeks.

I lie her down on the counter, and I stick my finger up her ass. she lets out a big moan. She sits up and says " Save some stuff for the bed. " " how about we head up to the bed? I say " " fuck ya daddy! "

we head up stairs and when we get to the room i throw her onto the bed as she takes my pants off. she puts her hands around my hard dick. " This is hard! we better get some of that liquid out you have been holding in. "

I take off her thong and throw it across the room, I smack her ass that leaves a red spot.

I start to get the first pose ready as she says " wait! we have to do the tradition first! " " And what is that? I say. "

she crawls back over and I'm on my knees. She starts sucking my dick, blowjobbing it.

deepthroating it.

after she's done we get back to the first position. she lies on her stomach and I put her legs over my shoulders, I hold my dick in place so I can find the hole.

eventually I do and I can't stop I won't stop it feels so good. she lets out some loud moans. as I enjoy this feeling too.

In and out in and out. I start to thrust. " Don't.. Stop D- addy!!! she moans. "

she crawls back over and I pick her up with my hands on her ass squeezing, and her hands on my neck. I back up to the wall with a quiet bang as I hit the wall with my bare body.

she backs up a little as she only holds on with one hand and the other hand holding my 8' inch dick and guiding it in to her hole.

she presses into my body. away and back away and back. her sexy lips biting eachother while I look down at her jiggling boobs.

3 minutes later, she hops off and puts a robe on. she hands me a towel to cover myself with and leads me down the hall. " where are we going? I say " " somewhere new. she says in a sexy voice. "

we head into a room with a pool. she heads to a door and grabs a huge floaty that looks like a mattress.

she puts the mattress in the pool and takes off her robe. after she's done she came over and took off my towel, and held my penis for a good 2 seconds. she puts my hand on her breast as we walk over to the pool. she dives in and I dive in too.

she climbs out and I follow her. she twists her hair out and hops on the mattress in away that everything on her body jiggles. she gestures for me to get on. so I hop on.

" I can't resist you anymore! I say " " FUCK ME DADDY!! she says really loud but sexy. " she quickly reaches for me and kisses me on the lips with alot of tongue then she bends me down on my back.

I love it when she calls me daddy. because whenever she says it it turns me on.

She slowly hops on me, with one leg on either side bending back as she holds my dick in place and finds its way in. she starts hoping up and down and her boobs jiggle so much it turns me on even more.

The pool has waves now as she hops up and down with water dripping off and down her body. We stop for a minute and we both kneel facing eachother. " Jacob? "

" ya? What do you need? " I need you to give me hickies all over me and stick your finger up my ass

and spank me! she says "

I start to kiss her neck and suck her as I love slowly down her body as I keep doing that. I finally get to her boobs and I suck them alot. there round, big, with big pink nipples I can't resist.

I get to her vagina and skip that, i leave that for last. I'm done her legs and now I move my way up to her yummy vagina. I get a little taste fist and make a hickie right in the middle. then I suddenly stick my finger up her ass. she moans so loud!

next she lies on her stomach and I spank her ass cheeks so they jiggle and she moans in pain and in enjoyment.

next she lies on her back and I sit on her softly, she holds her boobs and I slide my dick between them and she pushes them together and moans. I let out a little moan too in enjoyment of my hot teacherwantig to have sex with me so bad.

The next 2 months or so we have been fucking eachother in the janitors closet, on her desk, in her bed, on her couch, in the shower and on the counter.

She's what every student has dreamed of buy I'm the one who got her.

and the funny thing is she goes to school with hickies all over her from me and she doesent care. some teachers think there bruises and she tells them they're hickies.

everyday after school in the parking lot I squeeze her boobs and give them a hickie and in return she sticks her hand in my pants and feels my dick and most of the time that turns us both on so she always has extra blankets in her car to cover the windows.

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    《I fucked my hot teacher. Yasss》