In search of my name
2 loosing my identity
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In search of my name
Author :Thebravewarrior
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2 loosing my identity

my head felt heavy....

...i was in a state of sleep paralysis,i could hear my heart beating so fast. The place I dragged into was deadly quite. The colours started to disappear , all the things happening to me felt like a dream. I fall into a deep sleep.

"hey... hey ....wake up "

a soothing voice woke me up.....

it was a girl, Her hair was braided into two sides. Her eyes was deep blue, and I saw a deep fear in her eyes. she helped me to stand, and told me to move fast. she lead me to a cave where so many people were gathered and I felt that they were waiting to receive me.

".....The fallen man...

...could that be him.... no it can't be...."

people yelled..

you are finally here.... now we are safe... the girl who saved me said..

sir, may I know your name? (she asked me in her soothing voice)

I... I am... I don't remember my name... (I cried..i was in frustration of not knowing my identity ) ...where am I???... I don't remember anything... "who am I?? "

Everyone including her was shocked...

an old man who dressed in very strange way asked me " you really don't know who you are " I don't remember anything...

you are our saviour .. the fallen man, soon we all be free from the cruel king...

At first I was shocked but then the girl explained.. according to their legacy ,a fallen man from the golden mirror will save the people of the great kingdom of Rockorld from the cruel king Civoros....the immortal king who have no soul.He Feeds on the souls of poor people to keep him alive.
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Everyone kneed before me....and together praised " long live the fallen man..our saviour "

I was in a state of confusion.I had no idea what was going on but more over I lost my identity..... I was no longer me.

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    《In search of my name》