In search of my name
3 The mirror village
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In search of my name
Author :Thebravewarrior
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3 The mirror village

The people lead me to the cave. I thought there lifestyle would be like cave people but I was wrong... it looked like an ordinary cave from outside but the mouth of the cave lead to a tunnel fully covered with mirror. When I entered the tunnel some memories flashed inside my head.... the little Hut in the woods. I couldn't remember anything else before entering the Hut. I was so confused. I had no idea what was going on with me. I couldn't even remember my name and on the other hand the people here around me praising me as their saviour. The tunnel lead to a dead end. The old man beside me shouted loud " pis hak nis hak Rockorld " . At first I didn't understand anything . The dead end of the tunnel disappeared. It must be some kind of password. Everything happening with me felt really weird and the first thing I saw really shook me. It was a beautiful village before my eyes. I could never imagine a village inside a cave. The whole village was made of mirror pieces.... even the floor.. the ceiling of the cave was a transplant crystal and the sunlight penetrating down through the crystal ceiling made the whole village shine.'Richard'..the old man beside me introduced himself . The whole village was eager to know who I was. Richard told the whole village who I was..." the fallen man ".They kneeled down before me. "You are the only hope left with us... save us from Civoros" girl with blue eyes told me .

Richard took me to his house and started explaining the situation to me and told me that the girl with blue eyes was the princess of Rockorld kingdom,the only royal Heir left " princess Hannah of Rockrold ".The king, queen and the prince was murdered by civorus....The more I know about the Rockrold kingdom it felt like someone had opened

Pandora's box ...i don't believe that I was the fallen man they were mentioning but I would do my best to help this people. my destiny was changing by taking that decision....

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    《In search of my name》