In search of my name
4 The Rockrold kingdom
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In search of my name
Author :Thebravewarrior
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4 The Rockrold kingdom

Richard continued....

Rockrold kingdom had a rich history and diversity....the royal family of Rockrold kingdom was famous for their bravery and caring towards their subjects.... The royal family treated the whole kingdom like there own family....people from other kingdoms started migrating towards Rockrold kingdom....

Rockrold kingdom expanded in glory and peace.... people in the rockrold kingdom believed that they were in heaven... king Ronaldus of Rockrold had two sons.. The eldest son civorus and second son Maximous... even tho they were siblings there characters where completely different... maximous was kind hearted in other hand civorus was a sadist.. he enjoyed hurting others... civorus worshiped darkness... he gained more and more power from evil beings....

maximus grown up worshiping the goddess of mirror..... pleased in the loyalty of maximous , goddess of mirror world blessed him and his future generations with power of mirror... no on could harm him or his future generations when they are surrounded by the mirror or any kind of things having reflection.

king Ronaldus become sick... he was bedridden for months... he understood that he was going to die... he called his two sons and told them that his time is about to end.. "now you have to become the king "...said Ronaldus pointing towards maximous... civorus become angry... using all his powers he try to kill maximous... maximous suddenly pulled up the curtains near him... the whole room of king Ronaldus was covered with mirror...the sunlight through the window made the mirrors in the room shine... the intensity of the reflecting mirrors made civorus powerless... he disappeared from the room by saying "maximous..... I never let you rule this kingdom peacefuly..... I will be back "(king Ronaldus knew that when he declare maximous as the new king, civorus would definitely try to kill his brother for the crown before calling his sons... he ordered the maids to cover his room with mirror... as it was the only way to protect maximous from his evil brother...)....

king Ronaldous passed away after the coronation ceremony of maximous..... king maximous was loved by the people of Rockrold kingdom....he was a kind hearted king....

(Richard continued the story.. but he was interrupted by a man...he wanted to talk some urgent matters with Richard.... Richard left... and told me to wait inside....)

The story of Rockrold kingdom Richard told made me eager to know more about the mirror village and The rockrold kingdom ...

Richard left me without saying the complete story.... which left me many questions.....

if the king maximous could not be harmed when he is surrounded by the mirror or any kind of things having reflection.....then how did the king,Queen and the prince died????.....

.........this question in my head made me restless....
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    《In search of my name》