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7 Log Date: 751 XX98
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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7 Log Date: 751 XX98


I don't know what happened

Something must've hit the powerbox or trip a wire but i was left with no power for two full days.

I thought it was whatever was banging at the doors yet when i checked the security footage, there wasn't anything?

Not even at the door's entrance where something should've been there-something that made the noises outside- yet nothing.

I'm scared to think of the reason why i was out of power.

Maybe a major PowerHouse was knocked over... or worse

Another Building BLock became terminated..

I don't remember how much A1 said was left, but i'm scared to think that we are all dying out...

...Well for good news i made progess on the fi les!

Got a few old LogDates and Community Logs but... They didn't come out how i expected it to be.

Usu ally, they wou ld be arranged in a chronological fashion but for some reason A1 made it so that they c ame out in a random order?

I tried to make heads or tails of it but it really doesn't make sense... Maybe they're hiding something?

...It hurts my stomach to think of that..

Maybe i need a break...

A1 @@


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