Input Log Dates
8 LogDate: 752 XX98
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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8 LogDate: 752 XX98


I made more progress on the files.

What's weird is that... it seems that other LogDates from levels B, C, and D came out too.

A LogDate from Level B said that they started to hear banging.

Another LogDate, this time from level D, said that one of their residents were seen knocking on each door?

And what's worse is that one of Level C's community Log had an appearance of some 'unknown entity' trying to hack into the code work of their server...

I didn't know how much power A1 had until now.

They were able to over look each server's data from their computer-they had complete access to this system. It's sort of weird to find out but not unexpected to be honest, A1 always was the type to hide how much they know.


I'm sort of worried to be honest. They sent me, the disposer, out there-I mean out HERE for some reason right? maybe they got word from someone on another level? I'm not too sure.

It's all a bit too... strange.

In other news, something seem to have gotten into some of my rations. I suspect it's one of those 'land critters' as A4 would call them. They used to say that they'd seem them run about in the halls of the building as they were distributing the rations for Level A's residents.

Heh, it's sort of weird but I'm glad something else is alive here with me.

I guess that's what A4 meant when they were glad to see something other than the residents.

A1 @@


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