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10 LogDate: 754 XX98
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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10 LogDate: 754 XX98


Something is definitely in the bunker with me.

I really need to figure out a way to get rid of those land critters... A couple of them has knocked over some of the rations and caused them to spill onto the floor.

About 3 units was wasted.

a couple of them chewed through some of the security wires i think?

I can't seem to look at several footages anymore but to be honest i don't care.

At most it's just the footage directly above the computer and one in the waste room.

I don't think it'll matter with those gone, so long as i've got the footage for the door.

I think A6 talked about how they used to always run into that problem when they were reviewing the footage. A2 used to always be the one to go out and fix them, wish i got that knowledge.

The only thing i can't stand though

is the sounds of the land critters moving about.

Each time when i try to log off i end up staying on because of them

I keep hearing those little feet on the floor.

it's a bit annoying to be completely honest...

I think A4 found a way to make traps to catch them.

They were always excited when they come back from doing their ration rounds if they caught one.

Sadly i don't remember how they made the traps.

even if it was important to them



Is this how you start forgetting people...? @@


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