Input Log Dates
13 logdate: ??1 xx98
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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13 logdate: ??1 xx98


at least one full cycle has passed.

i know that for sure

there was rumbling earlier today so i'm hoping that means that a cycle's passed.

i remember back at the building block the rumbling comes every once in a while, right at the start of a new cycle, but still.

i'll just have to restart my dates until the computer fixes itself...

as soon as i unlocked the rest of the files i am going to go to another building block and get myself a new computer.

i'm sure that a1 left the locations to the very last,

i'm sure of it

...i hope at least...

it's just a matter of time until i can crack open the locks on this thing

i still don't understand why a1 would make it this way

unless... they were afraid siomeone else might've gotten the files..?



i think... that some land critter gotten into the ration\s again

well, at least that's what i think.

i found one of the rations shattered onto the floor

...regretablly, i noticed it when a shard of glass made it's way into my foot.

luckily there was a medkit with a b it of bandages left so i stopped the bleeding right away.

i've shoved the rest of the glass in the corner so i wouldn't step on it again.


i really want to leave this place...

... i want to see everyone again...

a1 @@


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