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Author :SharpJester
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14 logdate xx4? xx98

i missed some glass or something i don/t know

one moment i woke up and the next i was in excrucitating pain

maybe i didn't clean up the shards enouguh?

or it got knocked over?

i don't know.

fuck, the pain hurts so much. i haven't been able to take the glass out yet. just bandaged it enpugh so that it doesn't bleed. ...

i need to get out of here.

get somewhere better...

i don't even know what day it is anymore

my days has been measured by my eating times and my sleeping times.

that's all it's been really.

my life is made of rations, dreams, and codework.

just sleeping



i don't know if it's been days since my last logdate. or cycles...

it could ev en be years and i still wouldn't klnow!

the security camera's been dying out one by one so i don't have that to rely on anymore- i guess this place islitterally dying off!


is this all i'm ever gonna be?

is this how i expire?

.... do... do resident's even expire...?


no. that's stupid.

of course we do.

if a1's files are anything to go by... with all the vital monitors...

... even i....

even i know how someone expires


the way someone is disposed of.

...i hated that job.

i hated how the only time i can see anyone- other than the annual reset - is to dispose of them./'s not like i have much choice..

a3s are meant to be that. disposers...

all 3s are supoosed to be that...

i wish i had a4's job. they always get to see people and give them rations...

nothing like my job...

.. i wissh you were here ...

i miss you so much..

you'd ,make sense of everything right...?

a1 1


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