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15 logdate: xx? xx98
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Author :SharpJester
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15 logdate: xx? xx98


i given up on trying to figure out the time.

the rumbling haven't come out for quite some time now, and it's scaring me.

usually it... usually it'd come within a few cycles, hell even every cycle but now it. It's radio silent outside.

it's been so long since i herd or seen anything else

is.. is there even anything outside?

is there even a world outside? ?

maybe there isn't

maybe i got mold and died back at the building block

maybe this is my personal hell for letting everyone die

it wans't my fault

i didn't want to kill you

i didn't want to kill you

you were the only thing left for me to be with and i couldn't...

even though you begged me.

even though you got rid of

and a1... they knew and yet they didn't care to stop you instead.

i don't know what they were thinking.

according to the files, to the vital reports

you were the first on infected.

why didn't a1 just... do something.

i don't understand wju tjeu just let uou infect everyone.

i don't


i've on my last box of rations. i've given up trying to walk around the room because of how much glass was thrown about because of those fucking critters. i've justt been rollding around in my chair t o get to my bed and to eat. I've run out of bandages.

sooner or later i'll need t oleave.


maybe i'll see you soon...

a1 @@


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