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16 logdate x??? xx98
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Author :SharpJester
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16 logdate x??? xx98


i don't know why i'm even here anymor

idon't know what i'm even trying

for all i know, i'm the only one left in this goddamned world

with how much times the powers went out, i wouldn 't be surprised if all the building blocks endeed

maybe i'm the last person

maybe this is where the resisdents line end

i want to leave

i want to see what's happened outside but i';m scared to

what if there isn't anything out there


i found more mold now.

it's all over the rations.

i've grabbed as much good rations left and placed it in my bed. but it's not enough anymore.

i'm scared because i saw what it did to you

i saw what it did to a6 and a2 too

you... you became

you became someone different

god how you banged on the doors

i didn't think you could scream so mcuh

i wanted to open my doors but a1 said no. why didn't i jsut do it

it would've been a better fate than what the hell i'm dealing with npw

i'm so lonely and just...

... i don't know what i'm accomplishig doing this

i think i'll go back to sleep.

a1 @@


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