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92 Community Log 763
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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92 Community Log 763


A5: you can't be serious.

A5: Whe...There's got to be someone! I mean how did we even get rations down here? Why are there even lifts to go up?!

A4: Are You That Gullible? They Never Did Go Up.

A5: You shut up A4

A4: They N eve er D esigned Th em TO Be Going Up. ONc e They S ent Us Do wn Her e Th ey Di Sabled The Lifts Fr om Ev er Co m ing B ack Up Again.

A5: As if i'd believe you. Of course they go up. Why else would they go up for the levels below us.

A4: I Don' t Kn ow. Mayb e As k Y ourself Wh y We Even Bothered W i th T hem In The FI rst Place.

A5: What are you goin on about.

A4: Th At's Cause They We re In Charge Of The Rations Dumbass. Th he D Le vel Was In Ch arge Of The Tubes. Theey Ge et Rationss Di rectly Fr o m The Ma in AApartment.

A4: On nly An I diot Wou l d Keep Seending Ra tions On ce T Hey Hear Tha t TH e LEvel Was C contaminated. Th Ey'd Be Tru e D umbasses To K eep COntact As well.

A5: no... No that can't be true. There's a way to get out of here. Once A2 gets the lifts up and running we'l...


A5: A4?

A5: how did you know about this.


A5: A4...?

A5: A4!

A5: HEY @@


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