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109 Log Date: 774 XX98
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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109 Log Date: 774 XX98


This is A2

If you are reading this, then that means i have expired.

our building has been contaminated by the M virus.

Starting from the lowest level up, black mold has grew and infected everyone.

This led to the expiration of almost everyone in this building.

and it is entirely my fault.

I do not know who got infected first, or really how, but it doesn't matter now.

what matter's now is preventing A1, the suspected host virus, from reaching this server.

They want to reach the main apartment. They're convinced that they sent us here to die. They want revenge.

I do not know what A1 is capable of doing. So i hope, that whoever find this will warn the others of A1. And i hope that this will help aid the other buildings if they find themsleves in the same situation. Hopefully, you will be able to save everyone before they expire.

And as such, I will do my best to prevent this. The time is currently 22:56, in a few moments i will open my door and attempt to dispose of A1. No, that person isn't A1... A1 died a long time ago. Whatever is out there, that [Unknown] Entity, is something not of this building.

if anything happens to me, i queued the server to block all members of this buliding from accessing the server. My computer included. I hope that it will prevent A1 from escaping.

This has been A2 from Building Block 12.

Good bye

Thanks for nothing

A2 @@


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