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114 Day: 4
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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114 Day: 4


Mom yelled at me today.

I didn't mean to make her mad but i was just.... i wanted to see what exactly she was doing on her computer.

It looks like she was talking to someone-no she was talking to other people in the building! It look really fun that i couldn't help but type something in. I wanted to make get along with the people too.

She caught me after i sent the message. She went out to give the rations you see and she came in and saw me on the computer. She closed the door and instantly started to scream at me.

I don't think i ever heard her that loud in my life!

SHe had this scary look in her face and she said something about how someone named D1 will be suspicious of her now? I don't really know anymore to be honest...

She locked me in the waste room for now.

So right now all i have is... well you! i might go sleep though. I don't want to say it but she really really scared me. And by really really i mean REALLY REALLY. it felt like a monster came into my room.

I just want to sleep today off and just wake up with everything normal again...

well see you later


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