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131 Day 21
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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131 Day 21

I went through the boxes again.

Sorry mom.

It's not like i wanted to! it's just that... there's nothing else to do. I've already drawn and erased alot of the pages in you and i even went to the walls! I would've drawn on the papers but i don't want mom to get any more angry at me than she is...

I hope she's doing okay...

Oh! i found pictures!

And it's of mom!

She looks really spiffy and cool. she had this white lab coat and and she was posing with Uncle! On the back of the photo it said something about "first success" or something and they were holding some cylinders. I didn't know mom knew how to do that... uh what did she call it? science? i think?

Whatever it looked cool!

The other photos were of her as well and someother people. I wonder if they are from the apartment. She was lined up in a group photo and in front it said "finalists for trails". I dont' know what that means but she looks happy. Like really happy. Like really really super duper happy! I'll have to ask her when she comes home.

I wonder if i can be part of that? if it makes her that happy then i wanna try it out.

maybe we can do it together.




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