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132 Day 22
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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132 Day 22

I never knew mom had so much history before!

alot of the photos showed like fancy looking areas and walls and furniture and lights! there's so much lights! Is that what the outside looks like? outside the room?

I wanna go look at it now.

if only i could open the door...

I have so many questions to ask mom. I really hope she brings me there when she gets back. Also if she could help me out again.

I remember another time when i got stuck somewhere.

I think it was in the storage room this time? hehe

i was really little and i climbed in when mom was getting the rations out and she closed the door! She didn't know i was in there but i had fun climbing on all the boxes of rations and may or may not have gotten into some of the biscuits.

I remember her just sighing and shaking her head when she found me but i remember her smile. it wasn't as big as the ones in the photos but it was still a smile!

She just picked me up and brought me to the bed. She placed her finger against her mouth and just shushed me. I remember what she said. She said

"It's okay .5, we'll say that the critters ate it. We should get more later."

she... she didn't yell at me much back then. She was much happier and would sometimes sneak me out to go see uncle!

I remember uncle. He was really cool! i remember that his room had a hole bunch of monitors and he'd sometimes let me stay over to watch them with him. He lived two doors down so we had to be really really quiet when i went over.

Mom said that the person in d5 didn't like people being loud so i had to be really quiet.


I still feel bad for getting caught.

I wonder if mom forgave me yet?




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