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152 Day 42
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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152 Day 42

they seem really nice!

Like really really nice!

B1 said that I was lucky and that they're gonna try to figure out a way to bring me up there. I didn't say my name though. I feel bad for lying but i don't want them to get mad at me.

Did.... Did mom ever talk about me|?

Nevermind that.

B1 was really relieved to hear that I'm safe. I told them i didn't see d1 but they said that they had a feeling when i began to type back. Something about that person being infected is what theysaid. I'm excited. I'm... I'm going to be safe.

They say that i have to wait a few more days until the end of the cycle. I asked they knew when the cycle was but even they didn't know!

Turns out, their level is also being wonky. Acting weird.

I don't know what they mean by saying 'Only the 1's computers are working" but i don't think its a good thing. I don't know what "Only baseline features work" mean either but at least we can still talk.

It feels really nice to talk to them. I finally have someone to talk to! It's been so long I... Has it... has it really been this long since i last talked to someone?

I mean i talked to mom last but that was so many days ago. Well i don't know how many days ago it was... I don't know what day it is. Time is really... wonky. Evder since i stopped sleeping that is. I'm really tired. But i don't want to sleep.




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