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154 Day 44
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Author :SharpJester
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154 Day 44

I'm a bit scared.

I mean i've always been scared, ever since mom left, but this is a different type of scared.

What will happen when they get me out of here? B1 i mean.

They... THey still think i'm mom. And... I'm starting to think mom hasn't told anyone about me. It kinda makes sense? why she never let me leave. But why?

I feel like there's many things that mom was hiding from me...

I don't know if b1 will be happy to see me. So... i don't know if i should let them get me out? What if something bad happens?

The goop is moving again. I've been seeing it everytime i come from home and to the other room. It's moving closer towards me? I couldn't go over to uncle's room cause a big chunk of the black stuff was covering it. But now it's starting to cover more of the room next to home. and the person in the back? I'm starting to see more of their face. Even part of their body. I can't tell who it is or what they look like still but the middle of their face is starting to clear up. Their nose is completely cleared and i can see the corner of their eyes.

i think... they might be dead. I don't want to think about it. Mom told me about how if someone 'dies' they don't come back. They don't move or talk or anything. THis is back when we used to have plants inside the house.

When i was really little i remember how she had a whole bunch of plants. She said something about how she wanted to bring something from the "main building" to here. I don't understand wat she meant but i knew that they mean alot to her.

I still remember the day she told me. All of the plants turned pitch black. I caught her stuffing them into the potty. She was scary. She kept muttering to herself. She didn't talk to me for a while then...

where is mom now? I hope she's safe...

signed, 0.5


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