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184 C3 recording: 5
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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184 C3 recording: 5

>location C3 room

C3: [distantly] so we know that d1 is left....


C3: and last i checked, B1 and two others is left...


C3: [distantly] But what about the As? Is there any reason to believe that the As are speaking any truth? Hell, for that matter A1?


C3: what if A1 never existed since that first wave? What if someone else took their place?


C3: I suppose it wouldn't be hard too imagine A2 taking over but what happens then? What does this information serve us?


C3: And is it such a villianous act to act as such? To act as the leader after such a harsh time in this building's life? To give everyone a reason to still keep going after so many has died?

[steps grow louder]


C3: but then again. I could be talking out of my ass.

[recorder is placed down]

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C3: I suppose this is what happens when there's nothing left to do.

[sighs as foot steps grow quieter]

[grunts as the bed creaks]

C3: [distantly] I'll be honest man. I... [laughs] i used to be so used to not doing anything. Hell that's what's expected of me! the building was suppose to go well and i never needed to step in anyway.

[sighs again]

C3: but it's been days... well a cycle and a bit and i'm already getting restless. before i could just watch the logdates and community logs and satisfied with that! Now i'm stuck talking to myself...


C3: [quietly] ...the rambles of a mad man...


C3: fuck this.


[door opens]

>recording ends


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