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186 C2 recording: 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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186 C2 recording: 3

>location: C2 room

C3: wow... it's uh... very nice in here...?

C2: I don't appreicate the sarcasm C3.

C3: right! Right! Sorry-wait no uh... [clears throat] i mean it. uh... it's much, much better than my room [laughs nervous]. See that you took the whole "bring your own personal or something items" thing seriously


C2: so...? Did you just come in to talk about the decor?

C3: no! no. Gah...

[sounds of light smacking]

C3: [quietly] come on C3...

[shaking exhale of breath]

C3: I just. I needed something new. Y'know? we... it's been a while since we haven't had anything to do with-computer wise i mean. And i know that it's my fault for not being smarter and bringing maybe a damn book but i just began to get caught in all these thoughts and i felt kinda like a mad man y'know-

C2: C3-

C3:-and all of them just felt like they were swallowing me a-and just- i needed to get away from it all cause i was thinking of some weird like consericy? or or was it conspercy? con-something? well regard-

C2: C3! He-

C3: -less i just i think i needed something new to happen before i explode in that tiny concrete box and-

C2: C3! Stop!


C3: I-I..

C2: you're rambling. take a deep breath alright?

[heavy panting]

[groan of frustation]

C2: no you dumbass. Slower! going to get a panic attack like that geez!

C3: r-right...!

[loud breathing]


C2: i can see that this is riling you up.

C3: [laughs] more than you know....

C2: listen um... okay. I don't want to have to find out you died from some panic attack. So if it is any help you can come in here if you need to.

C3: thank-

C2: only if you make the vists short. I know A1 said that we are allowed to see each other but i stand by the main building's laws first.


C3: o...okay... yeah i can do that.

C2: good. Now...

[sounds of footsteps]

[door opens]

C2: it's been lovely having you here. Good bye C3.

C3: [chuckles] professional as always... Glad to see you haven't changed... See you soon C2.

>recording ends


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