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193 Main recording: 10 part 2
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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193 Main recording: 10 part 2

>location: main hallway

C3: you have to stop doing this to yourself.


C3: I know that you dont talk to anyone but C1 but you have to stop this. Now. Before-

C2: you have no authority over me-
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C3: but i can still tell you that you're destroying yourself over something that you have to forget! You think i don't hear how much you cry and throw things in your room?!

C2:... you-

C3: and don't even try to bullshit me. The walls are thin as shit and i can hear the full brunt of nervous break downs. C2! I... [goans] You can't tell me that i can't be so concerned over listening to you cry out each and every day?


C3: Please... talk to me. Or us! hell we can all talk to each other! This isn't even because of A1 or their orders anymore. A1 be damned-we can't fall apart. Not now, not after everything we all went through...

[foot steps before shuffling]

C3: [muffled] i don't want to have to deal with any more expirations... Please...


C2: [sighs] [muffled] i'll try... now get off of me.

C3: [laughs] what? don't do hugs?

C2: not in particular.


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