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195 Main recording: 10 Part 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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195 Main recording: 10 Part 3

Location: main hallway


C6: They're all bandaged up and shit.

[shuffling before a thud as C4 is thrown to the ground.


C3: Wait C6!

C6: What.

C3: let's just-fuck i don't know! Let's all stay together or something! I think we're all going crazy by not speaking to someone so lets-

C6: no thanks. Unlike you, I can handle not having to snoop on everyone.

C2: this is no time to be making comments like that C6!

C6: And who are you to tell me what to do huh?!

[C6 begins to yell]

C6: you're not even C1! And don't act all high and mighty just because your a '2'. We all know how that came to be-

C3: enough!


C3: guys! being at each others throats won't solve any of this!

C6: then what do you suggest?


C3: we try to get our computers to work, we try to contact A1, ask them what's going on. And hopefully, everything will go back to normal.


C6: whatever...


[door opens]

[door closes]

[C3 sighs as they tap their foot.]

C3: [chuckles] at least... i could say I tried...

[C2 pats C3 on the shoulder]

C2: go get some rest... thanks for the help...

[foot steps, then C2 goes back to their room]


[C4 eventually shuffles back to their room]

[C3 walks back to their room]
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>recording ends


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