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197 C3 recording: 6
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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197 C3 recording: 6

>location: waste roo m



[loud groan]

[something is thrown at the wall]

C3: am i even making the right choice anymore...?


C3: [sniff] i just... i don't know. I don't know what i'm accomplishing. Maybe... [sniffs] maybe C6 is right? Maybe I'm just that... a hypocrite?

C3: but what's that worth anymore? Was it ever worth anything? Would it? But can you blame me...? I have to be cautious-geez i have to! For what is a '3' that's not cautious? As a disposer, who am i to not be cautious!

[loud thud as something is thrown against the wall again]

C3: i can't let my guard down... But then again...

[pants as the bed squeeks as they sit down.]

C3: they... [gulps] they aren't even classified as a threat. C1-er... i guess C2 haven't..

[sighs as they scratch their head]

C3: it has to be C2 controling the C-server at this point. The chances that C1 still is in control is so low. They have to be expired by now. Why else haven't they come out of their room after all the-[loud banging and thudding]-shit that we through!

[various thuds as things fall down]

[panting before a sigh]


C3: i just...

[foot steps]


C3: gotta set my head straight... what's our options...?

[squeaking as something thuds onto the table]
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[pen clicking]

[various writing and muttering sounds]

>recording max


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