Input Log Dates
202 Main recording 11
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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202 Main recording 11

>location: main hallway

[door opens]

[rapid footsteps]

[banging on door]

C6: C4! Hey! C4 open up!

[jiggles door knob]

[door opens]

C3: What's going on?

[door opens]

C2: did you guys hear that scre-

C6: It's coming from C4. Fuck

[More banging]

C6: Come on you prick!

C3: Wait C6 move!

[foot steps before loud BANG as C3 rams into the door]

C2: Hurry C3!

C3: The fuck do you think i'm doing?!



[various shouting, screaming, and banging]

[loud crash]

C3: holy fuck...

C6: move!

[Grunts and shuffling before footsteps]

C6: get me my med kit!

C2: Is that the mol-

C6: Move it!

[rapid footsteps as a door open]
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C3: Are they dead?

[C6 groans]

C6: they aren't. Just passed out.

C3: C6 they're infec-

C6: shut up.

C3: But-

[loud thud]

C6: just SHUT UP.



C2: Here C6.

[Grunting as container opens. Shuffling]

C3: Now what is that going to do?

C6: It'll buy us time. C3, do you have a knife?

C3: What?! Of course not

[C6 groans]

C6: You're fucking useless.

C2: I've got one.

C6: Then what are you standing here for?!

[C2 groans and runs again. Door opens]

C6: I'm going to need you to hold them down.

C3: what are you going to do?

C6: Remove it before it spreads

C3: like that would actually fucking help

[C6 lets out a cry before banging their fist on the floor.]

C6: At least it's something C3!


C6: I... [gulps] we need... We can't lose anymore numbers.



C2: I've got it.

C6: [clears throat]G-good. When I say so, you wrap that bandage as tightly as you can.

C2: you can't be

[loud slashing sound. C4 screams]

[Sounds of thrashing, grunting, and slashing]

[numerous shouting and barking].

C6: Do the first one.

C2: on it!

[more struggling as the slashing continues]

>recording max


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