Input Log Dates
203 C2 recording 6
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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203 C2 recording 6

>location: C2 room, wasteroom.

[door opens]

C2: inside, to the left.

C3: [grunts] got it. Come on C6

[C6 mumbles as they both bring C4 inside]

[Slight fumbling and shuffling before a soft thud.]

[Small panting as everyone falls in silence]

C3:...what the fuck was that.

C2: As if i would know!

[feint footsteps leaving the wasteroom as C2 sighs]

C2: I can't believe this. Another infection? We were pratically wiped out with the first one..

C3: Ain't it like 7 residents who expired from it?

C6: [from far away] C2 come here.

[silence before C3 makes an 'i don't know' sound]

[footsteps as C6 clicks their tongue, the sound of a keyboard now prominent]

C2: What are you-

C6: you're not the admin?

[Silence besides the typing]

C2: I-I... [mumbles]

C3: Huh? What was that?

C2: [more mumbling]

C6: Fucking speak up-

C2: Fine! I'm not the Admin! there are you happy?

[C2 let's out a groan before the bed squeaks as they sit on it.]

C2: I'm not the damn admin. I... [gulps] I'm not. It's been a cycle or two already but I don't know why I'm not the admin... I fail as a '2' if i can't take over after C1 so I-I don't uh... [sniffs] I don't...

C6: I got it.

C2: okay...

[more typing as the bed creaks]

C3: C2 are you going to be okay?

C2: I don't know anymore...

C6: you'll need to.

C2: Oh lay off will you? What are you even doing anyway?

C6: [slightly grumbles before sighing] Attempting to switch you over to the admin server...

C3: Wait what?! you can do that?

C2: more like how.

C6: Created my own server before the big 'move'.
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C2: That's contraband.

C6: A contraband that'll help us survive.

[Louder click before a boot up sound rings in the room]

[Several dings begin to pop up]

C6: This should be enough...

C2: why are you even doing this?

C3: C2!

C2: no, I need to know.

[C2 stands up and causes the chair C6 is on to turn so they could face them]

C2: you always hated me and how i got the '2' position. Why would you even try to help us-no me out.


C6: [gulps] I... There was 24 of us in here yeah?


C2: what are you getting-

C6: A whole 10 residents expired or were disposed of. And that's just the b through d levels.

C3: C1 never told us how many were gone? How do you know?

C6: ...I've been talking to them. The B and C level. Or what's left of them at least on my computer.


C6: Listen... I know you all think i'm a selfish prick. A bad guy at the least. But regardless, I want everyone to survive. Even more so now...

C6: [licks there lips before gulping] I can't let past conflicts and emotions get to me now. So please just... Trust me.

C3:... I understand.

C2: So do I. You were always the better back up admin... Hell maybe even the admin during the trials.

C3: But it's best if you tell us all that you uncovered yeah?

C6: I... Thank you.

C3: No Probs 6!

C6:... Don't call me that.

>end recording


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