Input Log Dates
206 C2 recording: 7
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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206 C2 recording: 7

>location: C6 room

C6: alright, go ahead and sit on the chair.

[sound sof shuffling before C6 sighs]

C6: Since I didn't get the damn training, I'll need you to be the one in control of the Admin server. We'll be using my computer for the time being.

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C2: Can't you do this...?

C6: Ha, I fucking wish! But you're the shit who got the training so you have to do this.

C2: ...understood.

C6: Good. Now let's see what the 1's have been up to.


C2: So B1 and B4 are still alive?

C6: yeah. B1 said that they had trouble but they managed to get most of the infected trapped in the B6 room. With the help of B6 of course, right before the mold got to their brain but I digress.

C2: ech... To think the mold is that viscious.

C6: what do you expect? I mean, if there was a disease out there that has been desecrating almost all of us for so long, I'd expect it to at least pack a fucking punch.

C2: And D level? I didn't think D1 was still alive.

[C6 sighs]

C6: Yeah, they're in a bind. I skimmed over most of their explanation but something about the mold trapping them in their room.

C2: oh...


C2: what happens now then?

C6: I-[ding] hold on.

[slight typing before C6 allows C2 to type instead of themself]

C6: Just keep going alright?

C2: A-Affirmative.

[typing continous in background]

C6: The other 1s are concerned about A1. They won't tell me all the details but I fucking suspect that A1 removed themselves from the chat.

C2: I don't understand the reason for this.

C6: Neither does the others. So far they are as unreachable as the surface. Which we might need to get to very soon.

C2: Wait what?

[typing stops]

C2: You're suggesting to go against the rule that we were uptmost instructed to uphold? To leave the complex?

C6: ...Yes.

C2: T-that's damn near blasphemy! C6 as the new admin I can't let you talk the others into this!

C6: What? C2 you don't fucking get it do you? This apartment complex is EXPIRING!

[C6 begins to yell again]

C6: Don't you understand?! We've havent gotten a new shipment of rations for Cycles now. Hell, even if we hav our storage ones we can't live off it forever. Even then we can't ignore the fact that the mold is literally closing in on us!


C6: We don't have much time before we lose contact with D1!

C2: Wait... you're not suggesting-

C6: I am.


C2: ...C6 i-it's impossible. Even if it was, it'd be betrayal. The main apartment will have. our. heads.

C6: then so be it. What I care about is our fucking survival. The complexes were made for that but now I'm not too sure anymore. And I don't care if I have to over throw them too. I'll start with A1 and then over throw them for putting. Us. Here.


C6: This is the only way we can get everyone else out. You, me, C3, fuck even the B level. And if the Main Apartment wants me disposed of then so be it. At least I got everyon out.


C2: okay... I understand.

C6: So you'll help me...?

C2: affrimative. Tell me what I can do to help.

>recording ends


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