Input Log Dates
209 main recording: 14
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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209 main recording: 14

>main hallway

C6:-ow you do shit under pressure. You're getting the timing, but you need to be much better if we have to go against the fucking a-level.

C2: you don't think they're actually that good right...?


C6:... I hope not. But those who became As were there for a reason. What do you think A stands for?

[C2 sharply inhales]




C2: C-C6-

C6: [whispering] Don't. Move. A. Muscle.

[both begin to whisper]

C2: What do we do?

C6: We can't let it know we're here.

C2: Affirmative

[distantly more wet footsteps]

C6: We need to close the door.

C2: How...?

[C6 gulps]

C2: [whispered yell] C6!

[feint footsteps]

[heavy breathing]

[Door slowly creaks close]

[heavy panting]

C6: [normally] Get C3. We need to barricade the door

C2: affirmative

[hurried footsteps as C6 pants]

C6: [quietly] fuck... Damn it C5 you-[inaudible]-You fucking idio-[inaudible]

C2: [distantly] they are not priority now come on.
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[hurried footsteps]

C3: holy shit that's so much sludge!

C6: You useless fuck, go get something to barricade this damn door!

C3: alright fine!

[hurried footsteps as door opens]

[several grunts and curses as sounds of moving furniture]

>recording max


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