Input Log Dates
213 >C3 recording: 8
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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213 >C3 recording: 8

>location: B1 room, waste room

[distant sounds and murmers]

B1: I see... So that's what's happened.

C2: ...yeah.

B2: makes me glad that we dispose of everyone with the mold right away. [sighs] To think it could get that bad.

B1: And what about /that/ one?


C3: She's... She's okay. Almost lost her but C6 did what she could.

B1: What?

[C6 stammers]

C6: I just-I just didn't want to deal with more bodies. We've lost so much in our numbers. So I just removed what I could. For now they're playing fucking passive. I think they won't do much. I think [sniffs] at least.

C4: Hey... Hey...

B2: But the mold is still /in/ their system ain't it? We can't take chances.

C2: on the contrary, I believe that the situation at hand is what we are to do with the A level. Not some delusional resident.

B2: There's still some risk C2. Just having a contaminated here could spread the mold further.

C4: C3...? Hey...?

C6: I told you I got rid of that shit. Can we please get back to the matter at hand here?

B2: well no! Cause clearly we got someone who can jeprodise everything we are building so far!

C6: oh fuck off B2!

B1: [groans] Both of you lay off! We can't be at each other's throats!

C4: ...C3...

C3: what is it C4?

C4: need to... I need.. Waste...?

C3: ah crap. okay hold on.

[footsteps bound closer]

[door opens]

C3: [normally] Take your time kid, we're gonna be here a while.

[door closes and light panting can be heard]

[footsteps leave]

C3: [distantly] Listen, she's okay! She's fine. You guys can see, she's not even /herself/ anymore.

[sounds of shuffling as C4 rummage about]

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C3: I don't know what that molded did to her but it's more than enough to make her not a threat.

B2: but what if the mold grows more? They may not look like it but they're still infected.

C3: Then I'll dispose of her.


B1: Look, as the highest ranking resident here. I think we best set this aside. We've have a plan to deal with it so I believe the matter is delt with.

[slight dings]

C6: it's D1.

B1: perfect timing. Come here C2, let's see what they say-

C4: [Loudly as the recorder is grabbed] Found you.

[several loud bangs]

>recording forced stopped.


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