Input Log Dates
214 C2 recording: 7
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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214 C2 recording: 7

>location: B2 room.


C2: This is.... C2. C2 of building block K. It has been several cycles since the main server has been on [sniff] shut down mode. Issued by the A level.

[Distant murmers and yelling as C2 sighs more.]

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C2: I am recording this to update the Main Apartment Building when they look over the archived audio files being made. In the case of a complete expiration of this building block, I have taken it upon myself to date [cough] what has happened so-

[door slams open]

C6: Fuck. OFF.

B2: You have no ground here! Now give me back that table-

C6: NO. I created the fucking server, I get to keep it.

[sounds of struggle as C6 cursed louder]

C2: What is going on here.

C6: This fuck face has been messing with my server! Fucking saw them hunch over like a damn gremlin-

B2: I was merely doing what B1 ordered me to do!

C6: As if! Now get your hands off me!

C2: Both of you cease this action imediately!

B2: Oh don't you start fucking order me around C2. You god damn C-levels are always up to shit.

[C2 huffs with the sound of B2 yelping as C2 shoves them]

C2: No. With C1 gone, I am now the main admin of the C level. A 1 to you. I am the higher resident here so you listen to me. Back. Off.

B2: [gasp] You-How dare you!

C2: Stand down NOW B2. This is your final warning. Do not force my hand.

B2:[growls before promptly leaving]


C6: Thanks dealing with that shit hole.

C2: Affirmitive.

[sounds of footsteps before the bed creaks]

C6: the hell are you doing in here anyway? shouldn't you be looking at B1's computer?

C2: I was just giving an update in my recordings.

C6:... you're still doing that?

C2: Are you not?


C6: Listen C2, I don't... I don't know what's going on anymore. I really fucking don't. But I think that it's best if we don't use these damn recorders.

C2: What?

C6: now wait, hang on listen. I.. We can't trust anything these days. Last I need is for the A level to be using these for... fuck I don't know. Y'know what I mean right?

C2:.... Affrimative.

C6: Listen, it's just for now. Until B1 and I can figure out what the fuck is goin on. I'll call you if we get any thing new yeah?

C2: affrimative.

[door opens as footsteps fade]


>recording ends


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