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217 >Main recording 17
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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217 >Main recording 17

>location: main hallway

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[door opens]

B1: You'll have to forgive me for the sudden pressure. I'd prefer not to rush into these sorts of things but it can't be helped. D1 doesnt have much time left.

C2: Affirmative. Just to reiterate, it'll be at 19:00 that we shall make attempt number 1?

B1: Yes.

C2: Who is to go up first?

B1: .... I'm not too sure to be honest.

C2: I propose that we send C3 and C4 up first. C3 can scope out first and-

B2: no.

C2: Excuse me?

B2: I believe me and B1 should go up first. We are the higher residence, we should meet with the A level first.

C2: you... Can't be serious.

B2: Yes I am C2.

C6: Well by your logic, C2 should go up instead.

B2: What?!

B1: They... Do have a point B2. Since C2 is now in charge of the c-level server, they are of 1 status.

B2: but I'm of higher level!

C6: but not higher number.

B2: You keep out of this 6. I've worked my ass off and I think I deserve to be up there when we get to see the As. B1 please!

B1: No. You must stay here and man the server while me and C2 scope out what's to happen.

B2: w-well why don't we get the lower levels instead? Who knows if the elevator will work and it'd be terrible if the two highest are on something that might work!

C2: no... No we should have the higher ups go. Who knows how the As would react if they see lower numbers appear on their floor. Doing this is already a risk, we must take steps to ensure the safety of everyone.

B1: then it's settled. C2 will accompany me.

B2: ... fine.

[rapid footsteps before a door opens and roughly slams shuts]


[b1 sighs]

B1: [quietly] i'm sorry about them. they mean the best but let emotions over come them too easily.

C2: understood.

B1: You go get ready, check in on your residents. Rest up. What ever happens next is sure to be the hardest we've worked since the trials.

[soft footsteps as a door open]

B1: Wait C6.

[Door closes before silence]

B1: i just.... I just want to say thank you, personally, for your help. I don't think we would've been able to survive had it not been for your server. [chuckles] i was always wondering if you did went through with it.


B1: C6?

C6: We.... Fuck it. it's nothing B1-

B1: No it isn't. I know it's been years but I still know what you're like. What's wrong?

C6: It's nothing B1. You should go check on 2 though, they seemed...

B1: Off?

C6: ...yes.

B1: [sighs] I've... Noticed. Fuck, me of all people should know. We just need to get out of here and then i'll worry about them. be careful around that one. I'm gonna [sniffs] I'm just gonna go. Uh... check up on the server. See you later 1?

B1: ...Okay. Yeah, see you 6.

>recording ends


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