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218 >C6 recording 8
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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218 >C6 recording 8

>location: B 3's room.


C3: okay... let's take it from the top. Bullet goes in... [unintellgiable]ck it and then bam. it should work... I...

[loud sigh before the chair creaks]

C3: It's weird being in this room. It's weird being out of my room. It's weird holding this... fucking thing.

[groans as they rubbed their face]

C4: C3?

C3: hey, sorry kid was i talking too loud?

[C4 mumbles something]

C3: you go back to sleep alright?

C4: mm hms..


C6: I'm impressed.

C3: what?

C6: [chuckles] you've taken a liking to 4.

C3: [sputters and rambles]i thought you're asleep!

C6: don't worry i get it. Glad to see you getting along. Thought i'd have to fucking seperate you two or something.

[c3 sighs before there is silence]

C3: ...C6 do you think this will work?

C6: hm?
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C3: What if we get out, what then? It's been years since we last saw the main apartment. They wouldn't even allow us to see where we're going for fuck sakes... What will we do once we're on the surface.

C6: hrrm... I remember readign the reports... Harsh lighting, barren land, dust devils and red sand. there's a good chance that we'll end up being lost. Even higher chance we'll sccumb to the mold quicker-

C3: then why are we doing this? why are we trying to go out there?

C6:... C3. Would you rather attempt to be free or die like a dog in a cage?

C3: What the fuck C6?

C6: From the looks of it, this place, this apartment, our home... Won't last for another cycle. Mold has already overtaken msot of the levels anyway... can't even say much for the As either but with the D level down, we won't be able to get food.

C6: [sniffs] what i'm saying is, if we stay here and be good little residents of the main apartment... we'll surely expire.

C3: won't they be mad that we abandoned the apartment? we spent so fucking long in those trials and now we're just gonna go back on everything we learned?

C6: The apartments were made to protect us. To help ease off the main apartment and, in short, was made for our survival. If something goes wrong, I'm sure the Admins would love to hear it.

C3: ... I'm still scared C6.

C6: [sighs] I know. so am I [shuffling as the bed creaks]. Everyone's relying on this fucking server i've got. Like it's some work of art but honestly it's being held together with duct tape and hot glue. I don't have any clue how long it'll be able to stay up with all the attacks the main server is doin to it.

C6: but we just have to fucking hope that it'll run smoothly. That we get the permission of the As, that we get everyone out of the apartment, that we quickly find the main apartment, and finally be safe. We just have to hope that that's what happens.

C3: there's nothing else we can do huh...?

C6: yep, so go rest. Tomorrow, we'll deal with it once the attempts for the elevator starts. Might as well get as much sleep as you fucking can. Not like we'll get that soon enough.

>recording ends.


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