Input Log Dates
220 C6 recording: 10
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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220 C6 recording: 10

>location: B3 room.

[distant muttering and the sound of chewing]

[this goes on for several minutes]

[sounds of rustling as C3 groans, presumably waking up]

C3: ...C4?

[silence aside from mutters and chewing]

C3: C4? hey C4

C4: Huh?

[more sounds of ruslting]

C3: hey kid, what's wrong?


C3: oh geez man, you've gotta stop chewing on your nails! They're to the nub. Fuck, alright hold on, let me get some bandages and shit.

[bed creaks as light padding is hear accompanied by rustling]


C4: ...why are you caring?

C3: hm?

C4: ... you... you want to dispose [quickly interuppted by C3 sushing them]

C3: please don't remind me.


C3: ... [sighs] listen C4, I don't know how much you'll remember this. But just for the record. [silence before groans] Fuck I don't know. I just-seeing C5 in that state and seeing all the shit you've been through and knowing how I couldn't do my job effectively to prevent C5 fucking, um, you up just got me all fucked up inside. And like, I just-I'm sorry C4. Really I am, and I guess I'm hoping that-

C4: It's okay.

C3: wait what?

C4: It's okay. I understand.


C3: ... you can be mad you know...

C4: Come here.

[bed creaks as sounds of crying can be heard]
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C3: this fucking sucks...Can't do my job right and now we might need to face fucking the main apartment and i might get fucking- [ gets interrupted by C4 sushing them]

[this continues for some time]

C4: hey C3...?

C3: yeah?

C4: I don't like the banging.

C3: hm? You mean the rumbling? yeah, i guess it's kinda off putting. I mean-

C4: N-No... Not like that.

C3: what?

[C4 sushes as they both sit in silence again]

[very feintly, they both hear distant banging against a wall]

C3: what...?

C4: promise me that you'll stop me?

C3: Hold on C4 what the fuck is-

C4: Promise me! I don't... I don't want to... Before the mold gets me. Promise me that you'll stop me.


C3: i'll do my best kid...

[from outside the room, a door slams loudly as different screaming is heard.]

C3: What the fuck?!

[The sound of B2, B1, and C6's voices are muffled as both residents leaves to open the door]

>recording ends


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