Input Log Dates
221 Main recording 18
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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221 Main recording 18

>location: B level hallway

[Door slams open as multiple thumps are heard]

B2: B-B1? B1 WHY?!

[another door opens]

C2: What is going on here-

C6: B1! [loud footsteps is heard before a loud THUMP is heard accompanied by B2 screaming]

B1: [heavily panting] F-fuck C6 stop!

[sounds of both residents fighting as another door opens]

C3: What the fuck is this now?!

B1: C3 help me get them off!

C3: Shit okay

[more sounds of struggles and grunting before two distinct thunks are heard]

C6: Get the FUCK OFF ME C3! I'm going to murder that fucking-

B1: Stand down C6. That is an order! [grunts before another thunk is heard] You fucking stop B2. Before I dispose of you right now!

B2: NO! DOn't! Why are you doing this?! We're supposed to be toget-

C6: Oh won't you shut up you fucking shit [spits before coughing a bit]

B2: it's all because of her! We could be alright if it wasn't for her! IT'S ALWAYS YOU C6! FUCK YOU! [B2 screams again attempting to break free but B1 slams her head agains the floor]
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C2: B1, we need to dispose of them NOW.

B2: Huh-WHAT?! C2?!

B1: I-I know I know... But maybe they can be like C4-

C3: They're unstable B1.

[B1 falls silence with only B2 yelling before slowly sobbing]

B2: n-no.. Please B1... I'll be good for you, please... I... I can cut it off. I'll be nice... Please let me stay... please...

B1: C2, get me the dis-B2 STOP IT [more sounds of struggle as B2 begins to thrash]

[B2 begins to scream and cry in hysterics as footsteps are heard]

C2: here.

B1: Thank you.

B2: B1 WHy? I wAs YOurs! YOU PROMISED ME! How could you do this to me? I was everything for you! Please, I did everything you asked. I was quiet a-and [sniffs] I'll shut up now. That's what you wanted right? S-so please just... Wait...


B2: No no-please B1 Don't. Please I swear I'll be goo-


[loud THUMP]


B1: ...C2 change of, change of plans um [sniffs]

[a loud stomp before B1 hits the wall causing C6 to exclaim in worry]

B1: no no, I'm okay. Contact the others about B2's state. C6? I need you to work double time alright?

C6:... B1 you're not okay.

B1: I'm fine. Please just-[voice cracks as they let out a choked sob] Just uh, I'll be um. I'll be working on putting B2's admin status on your server. You'll have to control the elevator okay? I um...

[More thumps as B1 stumbles]

B1: We meet back in uh... [more sobs] give me 30 minutes. We're leaving.

[door closes]


C3: [shuffles as they grunt] I'm going to move them. [the sound of somethign scraping against the floor is soon heard]

C2: Affirmative. C6-

C6: I need to do something. I-I need to say something to them. I-I need to-

C2: No. You are not.

C6: What the FUCK do you mean I'm-

C2: You are following orders and preparing for the mission. We must push forward. We are running out of time, say what you need to say once this is over. Am I clear?


C2: C6, Am. I. Clear.

C6: Fine you fucking dick...

[heavy thumps as a door slams closed]

C4: Is... Is it over?


C2: It will be. Soon. C4, get your stuff packed okay?

C4: o... Okay C1...

[C2 grunts as the door softly closed]


C3: This is fucked. This is so fucked.

C2: I know. I just-C3? let's do our best to get this done with yes?

C3: Sure friend... Are you okay...?

C2: yeah... I have to be.

>recording ends


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