Input Log Dates
223 main recording: 18
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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223 main recording: 18

>location: main hallway

[door shifts open before several knocking is heard]

[doors opens]

B1: everyone ready?

C3: yeah, I've got the guns.

[sounds of metal cocking]

[shuffling is heard]

C4: we're... leaving...?

B1: Yes C4, how are you feeling today?


C4: [quietly] i-i'm fine...

B1: with any luck, the main apartment might be able to develop something to help you out.

[door opens]

C2: I'm sure our data will help in that.

B1: ah, C2. How's did the transfer go?

[footsteps before a heavy sigh]
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C6: seems like B2 really didn't want to let go of the server. Sort of a patch job but I think it'll be enough to do what needs to be done. if all else fails, we can always come back down yeah?

B1: hrrm... perhaps.

[more footsteps as B1 lets out a hum]

B1: are we ready to go?

C3: yes sir.

C4: 3...?

C3: its alright kid, just stay behind me.

B1: No, you need to be up front next to me. Gotta make sure we've got our front liner next to me. C4? Do you mind standing with C6?

C4: b-but-

C3: it'll just be for a short while kid.

[sounds of shuffling]

C6: it'll be fine, just stay there for now you shit.

B1: alright formation time.

[footsteps with more shuffling]

B1: let's get going


C6: wait B1, can i talk to you?

B1: C6, we can't. Not now.

C6: Please just... please! All it is is just 'not now C6, later C6' please B1 let me say something! Please fucking B1!

C2: B1, we need you up here now.

B1: I...

C2: B1!

B1: fuck!

B1: [quietly] please just wait a bit longer okay 6? I'll find you after this is all over.

C6: don't do this to me


C6: B1!


C6: B1!

C6: TALK TO ME [redacted]!!!

[distant voices]

C6: ...fuck... god damn it.


[distantly a bell rings]

>recording ends


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