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225 C2 recording 11
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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225 C2 recording 11

>location A1 wasteroom

A1: you stay here while I contact the main apartment.

[door slams closed]


C3: [hushed] what.... what are we going to do.

C2: [Hushed] This wasn't in the plan...

C3: no shit it wasn't in the plan! I didn't think that the A-level got this bad!

C2: They don't need to report things to the lower levels so... It was a possibility...

C3: well then what are we going to do! Do you think he's infected?

C2: ...I don't think there is a chance that he /isn't/.

C3: well what do we do! We're stuck in a fucking wasteroom-he fucking killed B-

C6: shut up!

C3: s...sorry 6. But you get where i'm coming from... And he said that he's gonna go contact the main apartment now. What will happen to us? What's going to happen? Are we... We going to be killed? Oh fuck what if the apartment comes? shit shit what if the admi-

C2: C3 get a hold of yourself.

[heavy breathing as C2 sighs]

C2: I... I don't know. I don't know what'll happen to us-there is no protocol to go with this. But all i know is that i need to convince A1 or whoever is out there to let us leave. For the sake of us and our data surviving. We need to get out of here.

C4: 3... 3? There's red...

C3: Hm..? Shit... where did this blood?

C6: Give me your fucking-

[more shuffling]

[sounds of fabric ripping]


C3: thanks 6... Are. Are you okay?


C2: C6?

[no response]

[door opens]

A1: you get in here.

C2: A1 I-

[sound of gun cocking]

A1: NOW.

C3: A1 stop this you fuckin-

A1: Don't make me dispose of you right here. Right Now. Now move.

C2: [gulps] Affirmative.
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C3: C2-

[door closes]

C3: fuck... Fuck fuck shit fuck! Shit FUC-

C6: Shut the fuck up!

C3: Why aren't you doing anything C6? HUH?! Fuck what if 2 gets hurt. What if he keeps brining us out one by one to kill us? Why aren't you doing any-fucking-thing 6. We could die!

C6: what does it matter anymore 3! We lost! We fucking lost. We got B1 killed and now we don't have anyone to activate the fucking doors. D1 is probably dead by now so why does it matter!

C3: Cause we're still alive! We're on the top level, we can figure something out surely. Fuck-shit [groans] we-we need to get C2 and -fuck i don't know!

C6: ... He can kill me for all i care. There's nothing left for me anymore..

C3: So you're just gonna give-the fuck-up? If this is about B1 then i swear 6, You will not hear the end of this.Who cares about B1-

C6: I DO!

[loud banging]




[light sobbing]

C6: i do... I fucking cared. I knew him for-fuck before the apartment. He was-I was... And now he's just fucking gone! GONE! And all because i was too sloppy with my footsteps. Too-too-[sobs]

C6: he was all i had left and now... Poof. Gone.

C3: C6... I know that you're hurting. But we can't just lay down and let this take us.

C6: why not...?

C3: because who'll be left to tell people about his memory? if you die then surely he will die as well. His own existence gone. As will ours.


C3: I don't know how... I don't know how we're gonna do this. But... C2's right. We've got to get out of here. Please 6... Help us. out.

C6: what's the point if we're just going to die...

C3: so that's it. you're over and done with. You're jsut gonna lay there and take it?


C6: ...there's nothing else we can do...

>recording max


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