Input Log Dates
226 C2: recording 12
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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226 C2: recording 12

>location: A1's wasteroom

[door opens]

[multiple sounds of exclaim as something is thrown in]

[door slams shut]

C3: shit 2!

C2: [hisses]..i'm fine.

[sounds of heavy breathing before someone sighs]

C2: this is... THis is bad.

C3: What?

C2: we need to dispose of A1.

C3: What?!

[C2 shushes him]

C3: [quieter] fuck okay sorry but what do you mean? Do you know what you're even saying? Getting rid of A1 /himself/? The main /admin/ of this god damn apartment? Do you know what that could mean for us if the main apartmen-

C2: there's no other way around it 3. A1 is infected and they are not going to let us leave.


C3: ... what did he say...?

[C2 struggles to talk, constantly stammering.]

C2: [gulps] They've reached a later stage of the infection process for sure... I'm not sure how far along but I can safely say they've defintely been infected for a longer time... Maybe back during the first out break...? They're delusional a-and um... Dangerous.

C3: Wait during the first outbreak? But we got to see the records for those who expired and what not!

C2: That's it... I don't think anyone on this level survived... They kept refering to 'documents that the others made on us'.

C3: That makes even less sense! He's should be the only one with access to each of their job now. I mean the first outbreak was cycles ago!

C2: isolation does terrible things to people 3.


C3: what do we do then...? Didn't he say that he was contacting the main apartment?

C2: i don't think he can. They probably suspect him of being contaminated and maybe even blocked him...

C3: you don't think that's why our computers stopped-

C2: i can't say for sure 3.

C3: well do you think that his computer is still gonna work...? We need his access before we can get the doors open.

C2: ... That's the problem. I don't know if that's even /possible/ anymore...


C2: 6? I need you to contact D1 and get an estimation on how much time they have left as well as if they would know if A1 is able to-

C3: -2. I don't think...

C2: what?


C2: 6? 6. 6, talk to me.

C3: she's been like this ever since B1 expired.

C2:... C6, now's not the time to do this.


C2: C6, where is the tablet.


[sounds of shuffling]

[sounds of typing and various undiscernable noises]
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[more shuffling]

C2: 3, please we need them to be able to work. We're so close. I'm going to devise a plan with D1. I need you to get them back to shape.

C3: how the fuck do you think that I'm able to do that!

C2: 3! [sighs]

C2: we don't have time. Just do your b est. I can't work this sever on my own, not as well as them. We must be ready by the time A1 comes back in.

C3: fuck it fine! Just tell me how D1 is doing I guess? Fuck I don't know.


C3: Hey. Hey! 6. Listen to me, I know... [deep breath] Okay yeah. I know everything is fucked up. What happened to B1 is fucked up. But we can't let this get to us right now. Please.

[silence besides typing]


C3: This is not going to work...


C3: Come 6, please... Please. A1 could come by any moment a-and what we might need to do next is fucking insane. And if anything happens we got to be ready for it. I... You're the one who said that we can't let anymore people expire right? A-And I know B1 is a blow to you...

C6: you can't understand how I feel.

C3: Yes I can! Fuck everyone can! 6, you aren'tspecial. We all know what it's like to lose someone. Fuck, I still blame myself over 5 a-and having to dispose and then-Fuck he still wasn't-I still couldn't I [trails off into crying]

C3: We all deal with our own shit. A-And it hurts but we all got our own duties alright. So please, 6, we need you to-

[distant sounds of footsteps]

C3: shit shit shit

C2: Fuck... shit fuck! urgh, we don't have time. Shit 3?

C3: yeah?

C2: whatever happens next. Promise me to get as many of us out of here okay?

C3: what?

[door opens]


[heavy breathing]

A1: all of you. Out. NOW.

>recording ends


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