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227 Main recording: 19
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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227 Main recording: 19

A level hallway

[sounds of grunting and thudding]

[C3 growls]

C3: give a guy some warning would you?


[loud slap]


A1: shut up.

C3: alright I got it fuck!

[something else hits the floor, but lands in something sticky.]

C6: [quietly] of course i have to be in this fucking shit. fuck. Fuck.


[footsteps being muffled by somethng sticky]

C2: That's enough A1! We get it. Tell us your orders.


[loud exhale]

A1: each of you, hands behind your heads. Right Now.


A1: Now, by order of the Main Apartment, I will dispose of each of you for defying the rules and foundation [sniffs] we promised to follow. By refusing to follow the rules, you have become a threat to this apartment and thus must be disposed of clear-clearly.

[loud breathing]

A1: As the main Admin of this apartment block, it is my duty to ensure the safety of those who live here.

C2: A1-

A1: Shut up. Where was i...? Right, I've stated your case. Now you are to plea guilty and take your punishment as I see fit. Any last words?


A1: well... [sounds of disposer setting up]
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C2: f-fuck wait A1!

A1: what is it heretic?

C2: [gulps dryly] May... I wish to excersice my right to speak my final will. If you please, A1.


A1: you have 5 minutes.

C3: [whispering] what are you doing?!

C2: [whispering back] Let me do this.

C3: you're fucking crazy! You're actually doing this?!

C2: I know what I'm doing jus-

A1: tick. Tock.

C2: [clears throat before talking normally] I-I'm sorry A1. uh...

C2: In my years of living in the main apartment, I have sworn to be loyal to the Admins and as such have worked hard to complete the trials and get my position as is.

[sounds of something walking in muck]



C2: And-and as such, I have sworn to work with the other 1s and 2s to ensure the safety of those in this building block. Which is why we, C2, B1, and D1 has all agreed on freeing the inhabitants left in this apartment to further our survival rate.

[walking stops]

A1: ...w...what?

C2: A1, there is no chance for this apartment to survie any longer if we continue to live. In. Here. The ammount of infection, the contamination, the mold is everywhere A1. And if we were to stay here, our residents will cease to exist. /we/ will cease to exist.

[Growling as something stumbles about]

A1: no... no...

C2: A1 look around! Look at your level! Look at the amount of mold!

A1: shut up!

C2: Tell me that this is what it looks like to accomplish our tasks, to accomplish our missions.

A1: i-it's not that bad! I-I I was trying to [grows more quiet] fix it. um I just kept, sorry I kept forgeting things a-and it's getting harder to clean.

C2: that's not it A1.

A1: yes, yes it is uh I just [grows to a whimper] I haven't failed yet. I couldn't have failed. I can't fail.

C2: But you will if you refuse our proposal to leave.

A1: what. [growling as something stomps through the mold] Say that again!

A1: [more distorted] y o u can't possi bly KNow what It's lIke! YOu're just a afucKIng B! A B!

C2: Does it matter when more than half of this building block expired? A1, please! We are all that are left. If you kill us, I will assure you that you have throughly fail your mission. And the Main Apartment will never respond back to this building. In fact... They already did didn't they?

A1: n-No! SHut up!

C2: That's why you had to shut down our computers. You weren;t able to use your own because there was too much detection of infection. You forced us to not use our computers so that we won't find out how bad the apartment got. You fought relentlessly against C6's server because you refused to let people see you fail!

C3: ...C2 wait stop-

A1: [Disposer gets set up again.] Don't you say another word!

C2: You did all you can to make sure no one saw how the mighty A level fell. How they allowed the mold to get in. And the reason you did all this is to make sure the Main apartment never saw your mistake. But they did didn't they? They found out what you did. And do you wanna know what they did?


C6: They. Blocked. Your. Access. To. The. Server.

C3: Wait no! C2!

C2: wait hol-



[loud screaming]


C3: NOO!

>recording max


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