Input Log Dates
228 Main recording 20
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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228 Main recording 20

>location: A level hallway

C3: you son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! HOW DARE YOU!

[C3 tackles into someone]

A1: no let go of-[grunts as they are punched]

[Something heavy is shoved to the ground]

[sounds of struggling]

C3: Stand down! STAND DOWN!

A1: LET GO OF ME![gets punched again]

C3: Shut up! 6!

C6: wha-

C3: Get to the computer!

C6: but-

C3: NOW!

[something starts running through something sticky before a door slams open. More sounds of panic and struggling]

[Someone starts to breathe heavy]

[coughing and wheezing]

C2: ...C4... Fuck C4...

[more wheezing]

C2: I-I- why did you do that? Fuck, there's so much blood everywhere. Wait I can go get some ba-bandages and I... [is hushed]

C4: Get the tablet... [whimpers slightly]. Not much time... Please...

[sobbing before the sound of something shuffling and the quick sounds of tapping]

A1: [lets out a wheezing laugh] you're all going to regret this.

C3: Don't make me punch you again.

A1: [words are slurred] You c an't hurt me in a way that m atte rs. [grunts as they are punched again]

C3: by the code of the apartment, I, C3 the disposer of the C level, will dispose of you. You ha-[grunts as they slam something down]-You! Have violated the code of main apartment and allowed the accumulation of mold inside these walls.

A1: [wheezing] I did all wh a t an A m u st do. Wha t I prom ised The o th e r s.

C3: well you done fucked up didn't you?

[sounds of someone running]

C6: I got a hold of the server!

C2: [sniffs] I've got D1. We don't have time.

C6: fuck someone has to stay here to fucking use A's computer to get access-shit we need someone to do this. Fuck!

[more sounds of running]

C3: You guys go, I'll stay behind.

C2: What? No you have to get in here. Now!

C3: No. A1 will not stop unless someone is here to stop them. They will prevent us from going. It is my duty to dispose of him.

C6: Well who cares! You need to be in here with us you shit.

C3: Who else will stay here to turn the key huh?


C4:... i'll do it.

C3: wait no 4-

C4: no... [wheeze] no. 3 don't.

C3: but-
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C2: no, 4 is right.

C3: C2?!

C2: you don't have much left do you?


C3:... we... we can do someting can't we...?


C6: get in here 3. There isn't much we can do. Just let them do as they wish, and dispose of A1. D1 doesn't have much time left.

[C3 sputters before whimpering]

C3: fine..

[loud bang as something thuds]

C3: here, let me help you to the computer at the very least.


C6: let me hel-

C3: just wait for me okay?

C2: affirmative. You have 5 minutes.

>recording ends.


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