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229 C6: recording 11
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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229 C6: recording 11

>location A1 room.

[door quietly opens]

[light foot steps]

[haggard breathing]

[soft crying]

[more shuffling as something is set on the chair]

C3: [quietly] here let me just... [more shuffling] I want to make you comfortable...


[sounds of typing and clicking]

C3: [muttering] I think that's... what C6 said to do...? I uh... fuck-

C4: ...3-

C3: no no i'm fine heh... I'm okay I just. [takes a deep breath] I should've known something like this was bound to happen y'know? I mean even if A1, if that bastard didn't shoot you... I should've known I couldn't have brought you along. I uh... How's your wounds? The bandaged ones 4? Do you want me to change them again before I-[sobs]- oh fuck... I could change them before I leave-leave...


C4: thank you...

C3: huh..?

C4: I... I know I don't... There isn't much to say... Except for thank you. For making this as kind as you can can...

C3: ...I'm sorry I didn't know you better.

C4: It's okay. C3...?

C3: hm...?

C4: can you... leave a disposer?


C3: sure thing kid.

[something heavy is placed on the table]


[something light is left on the table]

C3: i uh... I know that it's a waste, but thought hey. Last treat before we all head out hm?

C4: biscuits...? How did you-

C3: B2 had some laying about in his room. Don't finish all of it at once okay?

C4: o...Okay...


C4: What do you think is going to happen next...?

C3: i'm not sure kiddo, I didn't think we'd leave.. I don't think anyone could've expected this sort of shit to happen. What happens next is just... something none of us knows...


C4: Thank you for staying with me...

C3: hm...? shit right... I should probably leave. Fuck... Bye 4, I'll... I'll remember you.
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C4: that's all I could ask for.

[C3 chuckles]

C3: I'll make sure the Admins knows of what you did today.


C4: you stay safe...

C3: I'll try... Bye 4.

C4: catch you later 3.



[doors open before closing]

>recording ends


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