Input Log Dates
243 B1 recording: 1
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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243 B1 recording: 1

Location: B1 room.
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[heavy breathing]

B2: what did they say?

[sounds of rumaging as B1 grumbles to themself]

B1: How's the others doing with the clean up?

[Sounds of someone pacing as B2 struggles to speak]

B2: I-um progress is going steady a-and um we've managed to get as much equipment from 3's and 6's room before contamination levels became too much. I uh-B1 what's going on?

[more heavy breathing and undiscernable muttering from B1]

B2: B1!

B1: huh-yes what?

B2: Stop. Right Now. Give me those.

[sounds of struggling before eventually B2 obtains what B1 was holding]

[Silence aside from heavy breathing]

B2: [takes a deep breath] B1. What's happening. What did the other As say?

B1: [gulps] know that's classified.

B2: Oh don't pull that bullshit right now 1.

B1: You don't understand 2. I can't tell you okay? Now give me those-[sounds of struggling] B2!

B2: We are experiencing a major contamination breach right now B1. Fucking hell we lost 2 residents from the blast! [voice starts to waiver like they are crying] And that's just from this level. Now you tell me, right now, that our operative is still "preventing communication" because if you seriously think it is then I'm about to get the disposer right now an-

B1: FINE! I GOT IT! I got it-fuck i... [groans] I can't tell you now. Don't make me tell you now. Let's just focus on getting what's left of us okay and secure thing o-on this side okay?

[both quiets down]


B1: [whimpering] Please...


B2: fine.. Fine. But you will tell me later.

B1: deal. Now give me my shit back and let's get to work.

B2: Deal.

[footsteps before B2 stops B1]

B2: wait what is this?

B1: A recorder? There's one in everyone's room.

B2: what?

B1: It's hidden in our safes. It's what we use when computers are down. I want you to get everyone to grab their recorders. I'll keep up the logdates on my end but I need everyone else to continue their own on their recorders.

[door opens]

B1: We need to get as much info about what's happening and send it to the Main apartment as soon as possible.

B2: Roger that 1.

>recording ends.


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