Input Log Dates
244 Main Recording: 1
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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244 Main Recording: 1

Location: Main hallway

[grunting and various sounds of scrubbing]

B5: W-will this really help out?

B4: well it has to. We don't have much choice.

B5: [throws something squishy as they begin to sob] oh what's the point! We're going to end up gettin infected anyway!

B4: Shut up 5. There's no point in hysterics.

B5: And when is it 4? HUH?! When there's 3 of us left? 2? 1?!

B4: [stomps] Fuck off 5!

B5: Make me 4! Do it you wo-

[door opens]

B1: what the fuck is going on here?

B2: you guys...

B5: It's nothi-

B4: I was jus-

B1: Cut the crap. This isn't the time to be at each others throats you hear me? Now tell me clearly why I almost caught you two disposing each other.


B1: well?

B4: 5 is saying there's no point to all of this and we'll just end up expiring.

B5: 4 you fucking ass hole!

B4: You expect me to cover your ass after trying to pick a fight with me? You're not 3! So fuck off with that.

B1: B4 stop right now.

B4: but 1-

B1: no. Nothing out of the two of you.

[silence as heavy steps are heard pacing about]

B1: we are currently under a major breach. This is not the actions I thought those who completed the trials will have in accordance to this. If you two can't fix your fucking attitudes I will ask you both to disengage immediately and return to your rooms until you can both be of use.

B2: Our objective is to ensure our safety. We quite literally don't have time for this.


B4: I'm sorry for my actions 1.

B1: and you 5?

B5:...I'm just scared that's all...

B1: [sighs] we all are. There is nothing in this world that could've trained us for this. But let's focus on getting past all of 'this' okay?

B4: better to die fighting than to die giving up.

B5: [sighs before whimpering] I think I need a break...

B1: 5, do what you need to do. Come back when you're ready. We'll be here.

B5: [whimpers in acknowledgement]

[footsteps are heard]

B1: Actually wait before you go.

B5: ...yes?

B1: this is for everyone. As of right now, computers are down. I'm taking it upon myself to give everyone permission to use the recorders in your rooms.

B5: [sniffling] that's what those are for...?

B4: huh? what are they talking about?

B2: You knew about the recorders?

B5: mmhm... It's included in my inventory list.

B1: that's besides the point. Like I was saying, there should be a recorder in your safes. I will be giving you all access to them once I write my logdate tonight. Use them for your own logdates. They aren't connected to the servers so if we loose power again, we should be okay. Got it?

B5: okay 1...

B2: roger that, again.

B4: affirmative.

B1: 5 you're free to go. We'll continue here.

B5: okay...


[door opens]

[door closes]

B1: [sighs]... is the solution working? Is it doing anything to the contamination spots?

B4: truth or?

B1: I always want the truth from you 4.

B4: ... I don't think so.

B2: Shit really?

B4: could be the ratio of the two components. I doubt the Admins expected us to be using these against full contaminated areas. But... it looks like it's stopped the process of growth. Somewhat.

B2: [sighs] at least that's some good news right?

B1: [grumbling] but not enough... Fuck.

B2: B1 go write the logdate. We'll continue here.

B1: what? I ain't going to leave you two to just-

B4: no offense chief, but it appears you're also in no state to do this.

B1: ...[sighs] Why must you two always know what to do.

B4: cause someone's gotta stop our 1 from doing stupid shit.

B1: hey! I just wanted to hel-

B2: Don't 1. This is 4 we're talking about. They can easily beat you in a fight against your impulsive self. You sure you want to do this?

B1: [sputters before groaning] alright alright I give.
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B2: [giggles] good. Now off you go okay?

B4: take care chief.


B1: i'll be back once i'm done. Mark my words.

B2: sureee 1 [laughs]

B1: [chuckles] thanks for keeping the mood light. Be back soon.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[sounds of scrubbing continues]

>recording ends.


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