Input Log Dates
245 Logdate 731 XX99
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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245 Logdate 731 XX99

This is an update logdate for the past few days.

On 730, the day of the reset, a major contamination outbreak erupted during the celebration. The server also suffered a virus that caused the entire Building Block to be out of power for a full day.

The contamination came from the right side, covering the elevator access on that side as well as infecting the two nearest rooms. That being B3 and B6.

It is with my deepest regrets that we lost residents B3 and B6 due to infection. Both were dealt with immediately and disposed of. Both computer access were given to me upon expiration.

We've recovered as much equipment and rations as we could before we had to barricade that side of the level.

All computers aside from the 1's are inactive. It is unknown if this is due to the A level's decision or if it is a problem with the server itself.

But it is for this reason that I am allowing all residents left on my level access to their recorders for the time being.

I won't lie, morale is low. I am unsure how well we will be able to handle this situation. But we will do our best to ensure our safety. Fuck, i hope so.

I take it upon myself as a 1 for the expiration of our two residents. I am deeply sorry for my failure of action.

B3 was a wonderful resident. They diligently kept note of any and all accused contamination reports and not only that, they were the light of this level. They were the funniest and most warm of residents any 1 could ask for. To think I have failed them in this way.

B6 was the best security any level could ask for. Day in day out, they were always there to watch their cameras. Immediately noting me of any abnormalities. They were loved by all in this level. I am deeply ashamed to have lost a sweet and caring resident.

To B3 and B6, with my deepest regrets, I'm sorry.

Nothing else to report.
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