Input Log Dates
247 Main recording: 2
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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247 Main recording: 2

location: main hallway

[door opens]

B1: okay, I've got some of the real stuff so i'll start uh... pouring this on the heavy areas?

B4: we should still dilute it, best to save as much as we can.

B2: I'm sure we can afford to use up one of them. We've got 6 of these things right?

B4:[mumbles] technically yes.

B2: good now let's go find the closest areas we can reach and pour it yeah?

B1: Roger that.

B4: you two are the exact same. Fuck.

B1: [chuckles] how do you mean 4?

B4: You have the same mannerisms and everything! we don't even see each other for like a damn year but nah, you both act the same despite it.

[door opens]

B2: shut up 4.

B4: [snickers] you're just mad that i'm right.

B2: yeah, cause you're always right.

B1: guys?

B2: right sorry. There and.... there.

B1: roger that.

[loud pouring and splashing sounds]

B4: Here, I'll start pushing it back. 2, pass me the-

B5: I got it.

B1: gladd to see you back with us 5.

B5: Couldn't stop feeling like shit from making all of you do the work.

[loud patting sound]

B1: Heh, good reason

B5: [quietly] ow... why did you clap my shoulder that hard?

B1: huh what-It wasn't that hard.
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B4: for an old man, you sure do have strength.

B1: What is this, i'm only a few years your senior!

B2: [giggles] hence, old man.

B1: [groans] whatever! can we stop talking about my old status and focus on cleaning you little shits?

B2: roger that, oldie.

B4: got it chief, don't break your back.

B5: sucks to suck don't it?

B1: [sighs]

[various banter and scrubbing is heard]

>recording max.


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