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251 >Main recording: 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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251 >Main recording: 3

Location: Main hallway

[door opens]

[yelp of surprise]

B1: What the hell 4?

B4: [chuckles] hey Chief.

B1: let's out a sigh of relief] What are you doing outside my room kid?

B4: Was about to ask if you're ready for rations.

B1: hm?

B5: come join us 1!

[B1 hums before letting out a chuckle]

B1: did you guys seriously set up uh... What are they called again? [snaps fingers as they think]


B1: It ends with an 'ic' sound. Uh... [more snapping]

[sounds of shuffling before another door opens]

B2: [sniffs] I uh... hey what's going on here?

B5: [giggles] Heya 2. Just in time!


B2: [chuckles] You guys seriously made a picnic? How'd you even have the ti-

B1: PICNIC! That's what it's called! Fucking damn it!

[everyone else laughs as B1 groans]

B1: I was so close 2. So close!

B2: was... Were you really trying to figure out what a picnic was?

B1: no no, the fucking word! I forgot the word so I was tryina sit here thinking about what it was.

B4: heh, can't you tell from the smoke?

[more laughs erupt]

B1: oh ha ha. I wasn't thinking /that/ hard!

B2: [giggles] sureeee you weren't 1. You sure you didn't burst a blood vessel? You're turning awefully red.

B5: Ah, this must be what happens in old age.

[more laughter as rummaging is heard]

B1: Oh shut up you shits! It's 3 years okay? JUst 3 years older!

B4: that much difference is pretty big chief-here

[hands them something]

[B1 grumbles as they unscrew something]
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[things quiet down aside from general eating noises]

[B5 let's outa sigh]

B5: anyone got any biscuits?

B2: I think I still have a few stashed away...?

B1: well bring them here!

[B2 giggles as footsteps is heard]

B2: [distantly] you all owe me more next time!

B1: [snorts] s'not our fault that they didn't send up biscuits this week.

B4: guessing they want us to get used to whatever new fucking formula they used.

B5: oh thank FUCK it wasn't just me. I thought I was going crazy, it tastes /worse/ than usual right? Like I thought the usual mixture was pretty damn bad but this taste like what goes in and out of a kid.

B4: Must be really bad if it knocks something like that into your memory, i'm surprised you even remember what a kid /was/.

B5: [snickers] oh come on, it's hasn't been that long!


B5: would you rather I say it looks like what goes through the waste room?

B2: [mockingly gags] 5 why the hell would you remind me of that.

[The sound of plastic is heard as B2 hands everyone something]

[More rustling of plastic and several grunts of struggle]

B1: Come on kids, let's /not/ talk about shit while we still have biscuits yes? It's times like these that I remember that i'm older. Who talks about shit while eating anyway?

B2: [giggles] Don't you know oldie? it's the way us youngins talk now.

B1: [Their grumbling is muffled by whatever they are eating]

B1: [gulps] I'm just saying! Can we not spoil our food? save the shit talking for later, this time quite literally?

B5: [laughs as they pat B1's back] Sure sure gramps.

B1: [groans]

[the group continues to eat and make small talk]

>recording max


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