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252 Logdate 732 XX99
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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252 Logdate 732 XX99

Update: no new development on the status below. Currently all residents left on B level is stable.

All computers, except for the 1s, are still down. I was able to walk around and see the damages.

Is there a reason behind the lack of anything in them?

Their screens are stuck with a black background and three white dot. It was hypothesized that they are 'loading' screens but we would like to know for what exactly. My computer, itself, is experience lack of actions as well. It appears that I am limited to the 1's chat and basic settings/controls. I am unsure if the fact that I am unable to view past records is intentional or not.

On that note, we were able to make progress on the contaminated area on our level. However, it appears that the initial out break caused explosion that has left a hole on the far right of our level. The entire back end, right to the doors of 3 and 6, is blown out leaving a gape. The elevator is, obviously, out of commission on that side. I don't even know if there /is/ an elevator there anymore. More worrying is what is in the hole. It does not show the flooring/walls of the level below us. Just a deep hole covered in black. I don't think any ammount of bleach and push it back far enough.

Despite that, it appears that there is no new contamination at least.

Note: Please send report on the new rations? 4 said that they were not told behold hand on the change and is asking for the reason behind it. My residents and I concluded that it is of a different formula and does not taste right. Please get back to me ASAP.

Nothing else to report,



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