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253 B5 Recording 1.
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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253 B5 Recording 1.

\u003eLocation: B5 storage.

B5: [sighs] That's not much left... uh, um.

[more stammering]

B5: I should, I should probably say something. Or introduce myself? I dunno, I don't remember if we had any uh, 'training' with these sorts of things. I guess, out of everyone, /I/ should've been the one most fluent with the equipment. After all, a 5 is meant to know each and every object on our inventory list. But...


B5: I find that I can't even remember that. [sighs]

[claps hands]

B5: well, well! Besides that. Uh, hi! I'm B5, 5 if you want. [quietly] if you want? I'm not talking to nother resident here, come on 5 pull it together. [normally] sorry but uh, I'm B5. Inventory of the B level group of Building Block O. As of currently it is...

[quietly counts]

B5: [quietly] That's it...? just 5 rations left of the...?


B5: I should probably explain. uh...

[clears throat]

B5: I went to go check how much of the old rations we've got left in stock. I hate to say it but it's grim. Seems like everyone doesn't trust the new shit, myself included. So here i am. I haven't even /checked/ what could be in the long term back up ration... thingy we were given. Those ones are supposed to last us in the event that the Main apartment can't send us, uh, can't send anymore supply.

B5: [chuckles] who knows if those are any better?


\u003erecording ends


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