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254 >B4 recording: 1
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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254 >B4 recording: 1

location: B4 room

B4: hrrm...


B4: I don't... hold on.

[more rummaging before the recorder is picked up]

B4: guess i'll use this as my notes.

[clears throat]

B4: Note to self, run tests on the new rations. Note, rations are a bit /darker/ than usual. Usual rations are of a greenish, brownish black whilst new ones are straight black.

[footsteps as they ramble]

B4: Most peculiar of all, there are no labels. Not even on the inside of the lid.

[something is tossed onto the table]

[bed creaks]

B4: hypothesis. Either they are getting lazy, or they intentionally do not want us to know what is in these rations. I hope it is the former. I had thought that we are done with the trials and test. But it appears that it is not the case.

[quiets down]

B4: the rations are another test is it not? The thing I can't figure out is if it's the new formula or something else they want to test.


[bed creaks]

[more walking]

B4: I-I don't like how recent it is to come out either... Okay back up 4, let's go through the points again.


[deep breath]

[loud sigh]

[pacing starts up again]

B4: The new formula was introduced about... half a cycle before the big breach. So that must /mean/ they were were sent out to be tested. Now what is being tested is the question. Considering the coincidence of the release, I'm almost certain that the Main apartment /knew/ that something was going to happen. Well i suppose it isn't hard for them to match up the release before the disposal of that infected on the D level once it was annouced. But.... But why do I have the feeling they knew it, the breach, was going to happen?


B4: maybe they want to test a new formula meant for breaches? Mayhaps they knew that there will be a halt in ration distribution for this building, I'm sure it'll happen anytime soon, and thus it's a new batch meant to last us longer?


B4: ...what if it's something different...?

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[distant knocking]

B4: ...

>Recording ends.


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